Columbarium being proposed on Tung Lung

Drawing by Nick Street

Drawing by Nick Street

Many of you may have noted from the posting of the notices below that the government is considering the development of a Columbarium on the northeast side of Tung Lung Island.



Although the study is still only at very early ‘feasibility’ stage, such a development would obviously have a huge impact on and change the character notably of an island we all know and love.  If you would like to express your views about this proposal, now is the time to do so before any development plans can gain significant momentum.

Any views you have on this matter should be sent to the project proponent for the study, namely the Civil Engineering & Development Department referencing the following study agreement details:

Agreement No. CE 35/2014 (CE): Engineering Feasibility Study on Columbarium Development for Four Potential Sites in Kwai Tsing, Eastern and Sai Kung Districts – Feasibility Study.

Attention :

Bureau / Department /
Related Organisation
Civil Engineering and Development Department
Hong Kong Island and Islands Development Office
Hong Kong Island Division 2
Full Name Mr. WONG Lok Sang, Dominic
Post Title Project Coordinator 1
Office Tel 2231 4520
Fax 2577 5040
2576 9792
Office Address 13/F, North Point Government Offices, 333 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong

3 responses to “Columbarium being proposed on Tung Lung

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  2. This is completely ridiculous and we need to write objections. Daniel Ng has written one (see the thread on the HK bolting forum Facebook page). There is also a big discussion underway. I have written an objection as well. Please download it and modify it to suit your needs. We have only to the 29th of January to write. The objection period is 2 weeks and started on the 16th of January. Best to rename the file and modify it a bit to make it seem authentic and individual. You can also add your personal experience of TL and conclude from that that a columbarium is a bad idea.

    Good luck to all of us!


    Download the objection letter from my dropbox:

  3. Mr. Lee from the Lands Department who I spoke to is the person who going to sign the approval letter for the proposed work. Please also send letter to him and fax it at the same time.

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