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Hi all, I’m a beginner but very keen to go outdoor climbing. I’m looking for some new climbers and someone who can teach me climbing skills. I had my harness and shoes.

P.S. Know now is quarantining period and rainy, any way to go night climb (with some easy route)? Or can wait till the sun is out.

Look forward to here from you : )


Ian Wiggins

Hi all, I’m travelling to HK for a week from the 23rd to 29th of Feb. Hoping to meet some local climbers and get some climbing in whilst I’m there. I’ll be travelling with harness, quickdraws, shoes and small gear but no rope (might have access to one there but not confirmed). I guess I’m pretty happy on 6b/6b+ maybe 6c at a stretch but keen to just get out and on some walls really.

Anyways, if anyone is around that week and keen for a day out somewhere give me a shout at




Recently arrived to HK and was looking into bouldering outdoors. Does anyone know if it’s possible to rent crash pads here or if anyone is selling cheapish pads?


Hello! I’m traveling to HK in January, hoping to only pack climbing shoes and harness, and rent a rope and quick draws in HK. Anyone know any resources/sites where I can find more information, like how much the rental will cost?
Thanks so much! 🙂

Jeffrey Kwan

I will be in hong kong from mid-december for 2 months. Keen to meet up with some local climbers. Email if you’re interested and we can talk about the details. Cheers!

Roger Molina

Hi everyone!

Me and My girlfriend are arriving to HongKong the 5th October and we will be there for 3 /4 days. Our plan is to traveo through China for 3 months. Can anyone give us a little help, tips or tour for some climbing around the city!? We climb sport or trad confortable 5.13. We have all the gear..

Thanks in advance from spain!!!


Hey Guys, I have lost my phone at the Peak, it dropped from the Lugard Road down into the Wood. It could be reached if someone gets down with the rope. It is about 3-4 meters high. Can someone please help me to get it back, I will offer a reward to anyone who would get it. Please if you can help me contact me on my email:, or on the phone number of the owner of Hostel where I am staying: +85263357733

Mark Agnew

I am selling two bouldering mats, HK$300 each. I’ve had them for two years, but never had the time to use them, so I think it’s time to free up the space. Give me a whatsapp or call if you’re interested +852 6089 4469.

Peter M

Hello, I will be in HK over the weekend of 21st/22nd of Jan 2017, would love to meet up with some local climbers? Thanks Peter


I will be in HK July 24-31 and August 9 & 10, visiting from Greece. I brought shoes, harness, and I am hoping to find climbing partners. manoussaki [at] gmail [dot] com


I am looking to recruit an IT type who loves climbing and being outdoors for work and has an interest in photography. The job involves installing and maintaining outdoor camera units and manage the image data to back-up drives and remote servers. It’s a job that can be part-time with flexible hours. He or she needs to be familiar with all safety requirements associated with climbing towers and working from heights. If you know anyone in your climbing network who might be interested please ask them to contact me for more details.

Eric Swanson

Hi All,

I’m visiting June 18th-July 2nd for a quick 2 week study abroad program and hoping to get some outdoor climbing in while I’m there. I’m planning to bring shoes and a harness and meeting up with local climbers to hop on some classic routes in the area. Message me if you’re interested!

I can lead 5.11+ but I’m really just looking to have fun on some classics in the area.


Hey Eric, I’m new to the sport but I do have gear if you’re up to climb sometime together before you leave 🙂




Me and two friends are planning to visit Hong Kong and do some climbing.
We wander if there are any permits or certificates needed for climbing in HK.
For climbing in Belgium we need to purchase a year card from the Begium Apline Association and for Climbing in Germany no permits or certificates are needed.
So, we want to know what the climbing customs are in HK.

Thank you for your replies.


No permits required.


Hi all. Looking for a climbing buddy on 24, 25 or 26 Jan. Would like to boulder or lead (under 6c). Will only be travelling with my shoes and harness though. Cheers.


I’ll be in HK January 3-8 and would love to spend one or two days climbing with someone who can show me around a bit (and can share their equipment since I’m only travelling with shoes and harness). See you soon!


I’m looking for a flatshare urgently. Is anyone else in the same position and interested in making things cost-effective. I’m not working yet over here, so funds are very tight. I’ll be travelling back to the UK early saturday morning if I cant sort anything out in the next few days. Thanks for any leads or ideas, Sue


Hi all,
I’ll be in HK between 11/29 and 12/04. I’m looking for someone to climb in some beautiful places (whichever they are). Anybody interested?
I’m an experienced casual climber, I’ve climbed for two decades in the Swiss Alps and would love to return the favour if you come to my country one day.



I will also be in Hong Kong at this time, I have not climbed I hong Kong before so I did not know climbing areas. I would be interested in climbing though!


Hi Dani,

Nice to meet you! Can you please contact me at dahu2004 [at] so we can discuss about it? 🙂

Mark Agnew

Hi folks. Does anyone know much about the bouldering in Chung Hom Kok? If I head to the area is it obvious where to go to find the bouldering? Any advice would be much appreciated!



I’m shooting a corporate video and the theme is rock climbing. I am looking for someone purely fair skin Westerner.

I’ve got 5000 RMB (6070 HKD) budget for the climber here. Looking for a male climber for one day, someone who can act a bit and also knows a location where we can shoot between ca 25 – 29 August.

Please email address is

Best rgds, Tuomas

[This is my second post about this job on this forum. Won’t be bombarding the forum anymore after this post. Thank you all!]


Hello all, how is the climbing in December? Would it be too cold? I am going to be in Hong Kong at the beginning of December and if the weather cooperates I would like to find a climbing partner for a day to climb. Let me know if you are interested!



malcolm harris

just wanted to see what people thought about getting to crags in HK. Is it going to be cheaper to get train & taxis or rent a car for the whole 2 weeks? Main problem I can see is finding a hostel with parking.

Mark Agnew



Just wondering if anyone knew where I could get a cheap crash pad in HK? I don’t mind if it’s second hand.

Thanks you.




I may be visiting Hong Kong in May this year (2015) and would like to try some climbing there. I’ve climbed outside a few times, primarily sport/lead and top roping. I would be going alone, would anyone be able to meet up and climb with me? I am open to any areas, but I will be Staying in Sai Kung, but traveling shouldn’t be too much of an issue.



Daniel Hoi Shun Ng

There is a letter posted on Tung Lung the government is studying potential site for building Columbarium. The letter dated 16 January, we only has two weeks to write for objection. If it happen…Would it be the end of a piece of paradise for climbing, camping in HongKong. Or would it make access to island easier.


we have two weeks to object the site investigation work proposal. I just call the number on the letter which is a voice box and no reply so far. Send your letter of objection to help to preserve ourdoor activities, camping and climbing on the island by fax to Mr. Lee, Lands Department Fax no. : 27920706


I have call the phone on the letter, voice mail and no reply. Then, found out direct number at Lands Department. Mr Lee, 27917429. Please send your objection letter by fax address to Mr. Lee 27920706. Help to preserve one of the last piece of green space for camping, climbing and all outdoor activities in Hong Kong.


Sai Wan Ho Tung Lung Chau ferry is closed indefinitely. What other way can I get to Technical wall? Thanks.


Hi guys, please disregard the first post, i have previously been a member here for years but have somehow forgot my user and email address ‘Dohh’ Found something interesting that you guys might have already tryed Its a thermoplastic polymer that has a yield strength higher than concrete yet becomes a putty at boiling temperature, thinking of trying to make a few parts for the GT4 with it, interior stuff gauge surrounds, side skirt moldings, clips and stuff, it seems shit hot and worth a try for the price! they say on the website it is also reusable and… Read more »


Hello everyone. I will be in Hong Kong for a convention and wanted to get some climbing while I am here. Looking for a climbing partner for either Friday, March 7th or Saturday, March 8th. I climb (sports) at a 5.10 (5a,5b). I will have my shoes, and harness. I will not have draws and rope. If interested, email me at:

Thanks, Charles

Michele Dyer

I have heard that Austin Powers is to be closed due to the slope stabilisation works going on near Central. Is there any truth to this?


Michelle (and all others with an interest in what’s going on at Central Crag) Below are the contact details of the people to chase for info: – Contractor: – Government: We previously requested we be contacted / notified about any plans for works affecting the climbing area (see post in the Meeting Place) but it seems we’re being ignored. As such the next course of action seems to be for as many people as possible to bug them until they realise the hong kong climbing community sees this area as a valuable resource worthy of protecting. regards hongkongclimbing… Read more »


i also just found this, which seems to indicate quite a big area could be affected:


I’m moving to HK in January untill June. I’d love to go climbing as much as possible (week-end). I have a harness and shoes but no rope.
Hope to see you soon 🙂


Hey there,

We’re a couple thinking about going to Hk in january/february. We’d like to know the best areas for sport climbing with grades between 6a and 8a+. As well to know how the conditions are in this time of the year (humedity). Cheers,



May I ask if you can easily rent a bouldering pad in HK?
Also, does anyone have favorite climbing areas to recommend for visiting climbers?


Thanks for the reply! Which crag on Cape Coll would you recommend for this? I have never climbed there. Beacon Hill probably seems easiest unless this weather miraculously clears– thanks!


Hi all. We are probably going to be climbing in HK from Friday 24-Sunday 26th over from Shenzhen and are trying to find an area with a lot of good single pitch sport routes and a relatively flat belay area or at least free of too many cliffs as our 4 year old will be with us (no stranger to the crags and did a great job on Tsuen Wan boulders a few weeks ago). Ideally we would go to Tung Lung Chau but that is too dangerous for just the three of us with the proximity to the waves.… Read more »


Plenty of people do TL with small kids so I’d still say that’s your best bet – if the weathers good there should be others around to help you keep an eye on things / give belays etc

The only other areas easily approachable / relatively safe with small kids are prob Beacon Hill and bits of Cape Coll.