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Hi there! I’m looking for people to climb with, I’m a newbie climber who has been bouldering for a little over a month now (at the time of this comment) and would love to start getting into lead climbing and/or outdoor bouldering as well. Feel free to reach out at


Hi all, I’m looking for buddies to go rock climbing on weekdays. I have a set of gears and I’d love to explore any kind of crags. Feel free to reach me at Thanks.:)


Looking for a climbing buddies who can climb on weekday!! Leave your no. if anyone interested


Hello there, wondering if you are still looking for buddies to go rock climbing on weekdays. If yes you could reach me at I have my own set of gears. Thank you!

Benoit Desvignes

Hi all,

I just arrived in Hong Kong and I am looking for buddies to explore the local crags (as well as local gyms)! I took with me my harness, quickdraws and climbing shoes but not my rope.
I have been climbing outside for a few years now (bouldering, sport climbing, multipitches) and usually climb in 6a/6b grade.

Drop me a message if you are interested! My number +852 9138 4894




Hi Benoit!
Same situation! So: looking for buddies, indoors and out, brought the gear minus rope, climbing grade is 6a/b.
Somehow I cannot send you a text message so, you if want to catch up please try my Whatsapp/telegram +31631083777 🙂
Cheers Milou

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