The Meeting Place

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778 responses to “The Meeting Place

  1. Hi all,

    I just arrived in Hong Kong and I am looking for buddies to explore the local crags (as well as local gyms)! I took with me my harness, quickdraws and climbing shoes but not my rope.
    I have been climbing outside for a few years now (bouldering, sport climbing, multipitches) and usually climb in 6a/6b grade.

    Drop me a message if you are interested! My number +852 9138 4894



    • Hi Benoit!
      Same situation! So: looking for buddies, indoors and out, brought the gear minus rope, climbing grade is 6a/b.
      Somehow I cannot send you a text message so, you if want to catch up please try my Whatsapp/telegram +31631083777 🙂
      Cheers Milou

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