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HI! I’m a mexican climber on a climbing trip getting my visa to yangzhuo; I’m going to be in Hong Kong this weekend possibly until Wednesday: any local interested to go climbing? I have my rope,quickdraws and full trad rack. I lead comfortably up to 6c or 5.11 please let me know! or let me here your phone and I will call you.

Mark Agnew

Hi, I’m new to HK. I have done a climbing course in the UK but don’t have much experience but want to get more, I can’t lead but want to eventually be able to. Is there anyone out there I can join on a climb soon who would lead? But first, where in HK can I buy some gear?


Hi Mark, just back in town after a few weeks in Europe and happy to get out on some of the sport and trad routes. The weather is still a tad warm but with an early start, should be possible to get stuff done. What days can you climb?


Stuart or Mark –
I’m new to HK as well and will be living here for the next couple months. I’d love to get out on either some sport or trad routes but only brought quickdraws with me, no rack. I can climb either Saturday or Sunday. Let me know if you guys want to meet up to climb at some point.


Hi Zach, if the weather plays ball we could try to do something next weekend. Lets touch base later in the week to sort something out


Definitely. My email is Lets get in touch later this week and try to plan something.


Hi mark – The project x meetup group also has top roping sessions regularly on the artificial walls, so you might check that out as well.


Hi! How do I join the Rock Climbing Group? I completely have no experience in this but it became a passion for me looking for something as challenging as this. Where does a newbie like me start and how? Thanks 🙂


There is no Rock Climbing Group per se: there’re some organized courses out there that cater to newbies, but if you really wanna climb right and strong, go to your nearest bouldering gym ( at least twice a week and start training there. Don’t be shy and ask for help from the staff if you need it. Strike some conversations with fellow climbers, locals and expats alike, make some friends, and eventually they’ll take you out to real rock.


I am vising HK from Taiwan for a long weekend, Thursday September 19-Monday September 23rd. I have draws and a harness/atc…no rope:(. I can lead 10a-b, and follow up to 11a, sport routes. I am super psyched to climb with someone safe, who has lead belay experience as well so we can trade leads/cleaning duties. Hit me up if you will be around or point me in the right direction if you can.


Hi Leslie.
I will be landing in HK at September 19th as well and probably leave Monday. I’m from Sweden and have not got a clue about where to climb in HK but I am bringing a 60m rope and prioritize safety so maybe you want to partner up and see what climbs we find? 🙂 I’ll be living at a hostel at Causeway bay. You can mail me if you want to at


Hey guys, I’m French but also staying at Causeway Bay for a while. I’ve been training a bit at Da Vern and am looking forward to go out to climb in the open. I have my harness but no rope or draws. I usually go climb in cliffs in south of France and usually climb or belay on 5c – 6a routes. Let me know if you’d like to team up! My email is lavergne.alexis at
I can go during weekends or week days as well.
Cheers, Alex


Hello All,
Just arrived back in Hong Kong after a year out and am quite keen to explore the available outdoor sports routes around the area. I have rope, quickdraws, harness etc. but need a partner to climb with. I’m available whenever as I’m taking my masters at HKU and have most days free. I love leading and will give anything upwards of a 6c a go, but feel more comfortable around 6b(+).
You can reply me here or at
Thanks : )



Hey, my name is Tom and i am staying in HK for my exchange semester at city university.

I was wondering if there are any good deep water soloing spots around hong kong, wasn´t able to find something on the page.
cheers tom


Hey. Pretty new to HK. Looking for climbing partners out there. I’m an amateur climber (not very good, but love the sport) and need to get out there more. I’m rather fastidious in safety. Have rope and gear. Can do midweek too.


Hi, I am going to be in HK from the 9th August for about a month. I am going to do an assessment at KPCC and then climb there mostly. I am a relatively experienced lead climber – leading 6C/6C+ (but haven’t climbed for about 8 months as I’ve been travelling round Asia… So a bit rusty)! 😉 I would be flexible on when I could climb so would be interested in meeting up and climbing together. You say you’re amateur but have rope and gear so presuming you know how to belay lead? Let me know if you’re interested… Read more »


A friend and I will be in HK on Saturday August 10th. We would like to climb at Cape Collinson. We have some gear but don’t have a rope as we are from out of town. My friend can lead just about anything. I haven’t climbed in over a year and am a bit rusty. Let me know if we can join you this Saturday.


30yo Aussie expat new in HK, living in Shueng Wan, have some sport gear (but currently without a rope; may pick one up in the next few weeks), and looking to climb (~6a lead, follow 6c), HK island or close on the weekend. Would be good to meet up with a climber or two!! Whatsapp me/message me on 56042424. Leonard.


Hey there. You wanna try Beacon Hill (short routes at all levels) either tomorrow or Thursday? My number is 64 84 69 37 if you’re interested. See ya!


I am in Hk until Friday, August 2nd and would like to do some climbing. I have rope, draws and all gear, lead at about 11a/6b+, but I am not familiar with the area. I’d also be interested in bouldering but I don’t have a crash pad. Let me know if you’re interested.


Hey there. I’m available Wednesday and Thursday if you wanna take a look at the short, pumpy routes of Beacon Hill. My number is 64 84 69 37. See ya!


Anyone want to climb July 21 st Sunday morning . I have rope, draws and all the gear. Looking to do some routes at the soho crag.


I am interested but land in HK from Europe on Saturday night so not sure Ill be up for it. What time and from where are you heading out?


Hi Thomas, I’m keen if the rain holds off. What time were you thinking?

Cathryn Jukes

Hi everyone! I am an ex-Hong Konger, lived there for years, but now live in the UK. I’m back for a month in August and need to get some climbs in! I climb 6a, I lead indoors, and second outdoors. if anyone is up for a few sessions in August (evenings/weekends) please let me know! I’ll be based around central/lamma. Hope to hear from you! Cathryn


Hey there. I’ll be free most of August. See my reply to Joanna’s post below for more details. See ya!


Hello, I am planning a break from Uni. this fall and maybe spring as well. I planning to travel around in asia (thinking vietnam, china, hong kong, s. korea, taiwan or something) and want to meet fun people, and do a lot of sport climbing 🙂 I will travel alone with a full sport climbing gear, including rope. I am wondering; what would you do in my shoes? Is there any natural meeting place in Hong Kong, where climbers just hang around and where I could easily find climbing partners? Is there a lot of sport climbing? And especially, is… Read more »


On week nights head to Da Verm to meet climbers, on a weekend get the boat to Tung Lung and you should meet groups of climbers without any problems. Verm also has guiding services if you’re desperate. If its not raining, there will be a lot of people out on weekends in Tung Lung.


If you’ll be in the New Territories/Kowloon, go to Boulderland in Kwai Fong. Smaller than Da Verm but much cheaper, and with a loot of cool people climbing very hard.


Hello! Im moving from Sweden to Hong Kong on the 20th of July and am starting off the year with a week of vacation. Would be super keen to meet some climbers and try out the local conditions. Have gear but no rope. Level ca 6a (french) and familiar with all rope and anchor procedures, but am generally more comfortable as second then as leader. Safety is big priority! If anybody is interested let me know!


Is other languages than English allowed here? I’ll try with swedish and see what happens.. 😛 Hej Joanna! Antar att du snackar svenska 😉 Jag tänkte eventuellt åka till Yangshuo i höst och klättra, flyger nog i slutet av september, och då antagligen till Hong Kong till att börja med. Kommer du vara i Hong Kong då och kanske sugen på att ta en veckas, eller bara några dagars, klättertrip då? 🙂 Eller kanske bara ses en dag och klättre lite? Jag kommer ha med mig 60m rep, men sportklättrar bara och aldrig klättrat flera replängder.. Jag tycker det vore… Read more »


Hej! Ses gärna och klättrar någon dag i Hong Kong. Hör av dig när du börjar närma dig! Joanna


Jag har bokat min resa nu, landar i Hong Kong den 19e september. Har du möjlighet/lust att ses nån dag då tror du? Du får gärna maila mig om du vill:

Cathryn Jukes

Hi Joanna! I’d like to climb with you! I arrive in HK on July 27th, I’m bringing shoes, harness, belay but no rope – too heavy for hand luggage! Would you like to check out some walls with me? And we could try to meet others who have rope (I’m not bringing mine, too heavy, but will have the rest of the gear) and can lead outdoors to get some sport in. I used to live in HK so can help you out with finding places, etc, and introduce you to a few people if you would like. By the… Read more »


Hi Cathryn! Sounds great. I have all the stuff except rope as well but we’ll figure it out 🙂 Get in touch once you’re there. See you!


Hello, Joanna. If you wanna climb any day of the week but Tuesdays, I’m up for it. Have gear, rope, 6c+ skills and knowledge of most crags around here. Only place I won’t take you to is Lion Rock, as the approach is hellishly hot this time of the year. My number is six four eight four six nine three seven, if you’re interested.


Ricardo, sounds great thanks! Ill be in touch within the next couple of days and we’ll set something up!


Hi all, would be great to meet up with you guys. I have shoes and harness but unfortunately not the rest of my gear as currently travelling. I am conducting my assessment at KPCC on Friday so happy to climb there or get some climbing in outdoors as well. Let me know if your happy to meet and when / where. Cliff (See my response to wazoo above as well).

Cathryn Jukes

I’m here … are you up for going to a wall one evening? My number is 64652344. I’m only here for a couple more weeks, so hpe to hear from you soon!


imo hk is expensive to buy climbibg gear. what is your homecountry? in many european countries it’s much cheaper then hk.


I thought HK was about as expensive as it gets for climbing gear… How much are you planning to buy? Send me an email. I might be able to get you a better deal…


Hi HK climbers,
Was wondering what are the best stores to pick up some climbing gear. Looking for carabiners, slings, draws, cams, nuts, helmet (want to buy as much of it as I can in HK where it’s cheaper than back home). Are there any other stores I should look out for aside from RCoutfitters and Chamonix?



They say Skywalk has good stuff.


Take a look at the Needlesports, Tiso and Joe Brown climbing shops on line. The latter have got some good deals on presently. RTI also very good


Hello! Just found the Hong Kong Climb page-topo maps/info is brilliant! From the states originally, living in China now, done a fair bit of climbing-spent spring holiday sport climbing in Yangshou. We (I and the climbing boyfriend) will be visiting HK for a week from June 23-29th and intend to climb the whole week. Would be keen to meet up with a few local climbers and willing to trade a few beers in exchange for some tips/climbing/suggestions of places to stay that allow easier access to climbing….We have all our gear (rope,draws etc) yet didn’t manage to bring the crash… Read more »

Hi! I’m visiting soon and would love love to go bouldering. i can bring a pad. If anyone can guide me and my friend on the 23rd of June or the 1-2nd of July, I would much appreciate it. It would be a fun session! I am an experienced boulderer, and my friend is a beginner/intermediate boulderer. We can buy you a beer after!


Trying to boulder around Tsuen Wan area 12-13th. Anyone interested, let me know? Experienced climber. Email me!

Rob Folkenberg

Hi! Going to be getting into HK about June 20 and will be around until the beginning of August. Two Questions: 1. I’d like to join an indoor gym and do some bouldering/climbing that month. Which do you all recommend? I’m located on Stubbs road, HK Island, but don’t mind a commute if necessary. 2. Would anyone be up for some climbing? I have all necessary gear – rope, draws, etc. I’m no pro, but am working on it… can probably climb a low 6? (From USA – 5.10a-b is probably my leading max at this point…) Love this site!… Read more »

Jenny Zhuang

Da Verm Climbing Club is in Sai Ying Pun and probably closest gym to you, you can check out their FB and website. Once you get to know a few climbers at the gym you won’t have a problem tagging along with groups on weekend trips.

Cathryn Jukes

Hi Rob,

Did you find anywhere for bouldering? are you still around in August? I am in HK for a month and want to do a bit of bouldering/climbing while i’m there. hope to hear from you!


By outside I mean during the day at any of the real rock venues. I know Kings park is outside!


Anyone interested in a session at Kings Park any evening over the next two weeks, weather permitting? Have rope and QDs. Trying to get fit again after two months out. Alternatively. would be happy to climb outside, sport or trad,

David McCarthy

Hi Stuart, I’m up for climbing on rock pretty much any day of the week if you don’t mind climbing with someone way below your level. davidmccarthy1 AT

Patrick Leonard

Hi Stuart,
Definitely interested in a few sessions at Kings Park. I usually finish work around 6:45, so can get to KP at 7:15. Not available Wednesdays or Fridays.


Hi Patrick, Thanks for coming back. Weather permitting how about Thursday?

Patrick Leonard

Sounds good, let’s double confirm on this forum Thursday afternoon as the weather seems very changeable. I can bring rope and draws with me.


Be in touch early PM Thursday. Raining stair rods at Pak Tam Chung right now. Fingers crossed it dries out


Another pulse of rain just kicking off in PTC and the Met Office saying more later so not lookng promising unfortunately cos the temperature is well down. Maybe the weekend if it lets up a bit? If not send me your contact details and I’ll be in touch when I get back from Scotland

Patrick Leonard

It’s holding off in Causeway Bay, so I assume KP is the same, although it looks like it could turn nasty at any minute. I’ll be on standby until 6:30pm. Let me know if you want to risk it, it’s a lot further for you to travel if it does turn wet. I’ll definitely be climbing with some people on Saturday afternoon, bouldering at boulderland if the weather is bad or climbing outdoors if it’s good so I’ll send you the details on that. Might even do a KP session early Sunday morning. My personal e-mail is, drop me… Read more »


Hi , I found a man sports watch on my way down from Beacon Hill Crag yesterday .
If it s yours or you know someone who may have lost it just pm me.


Heads up: the steel cable you clip to when belaying someone climbing Centralsauras, The Escalator, Scare Master, etc., up at Soho Crag in Central broke/cut today. There were a ton of people bouncing and falling on the cable for hours (a local couple getting married, complete with bride in full attire, brought a crew of photographers for climbing wedding pictures), and when I accidentally stepped on the cable near the extreme-left bolt to start with Scare Master the thing broke in two. Fortunately the back-up piece of rope kept my belayer in place. Anyone knows how to replace the cable… Read more »



I am a beginner but would love to find some people to go climbing with. Don’t have any gear at this point but happy to buy/rent.
Was out in Cape Collinson the other week and loved it! Climbed a F6a if that helps in determining if to take me along or not 🙂
As said, a beginner but fast learner and very eager!

I live on Lamma Island but am happy to go wherever ppl go climbing.

Thanks in advance!

David McCarthy

Hi Sandra, if you’re interested in outdoors bouldering, get in touch:
davidmccarthy1 at
I’m gently rehabbing a dislocated finger at the moment, so nothing too difficult! David

David McCarthy

Hmm, I replied but it seemed to disappear. Anyway, if you’d like to do some outdoors bouldering, get in touch davidmccarthy1 at Nothing too difficult, I’m rehabbing an injured finger. David


Hi..this is alberto from spain…and would like to find a partner for some rock cljmbing in hongkong.i will get to kong kong next 24th of may and stay there for a week.i.d like to meet local climbers and share experiences.thanks a lot


Salud, Alberto, aquí Ricardo. ¿Te interesa la deportiva, el bloque o la tradicional? Aquí casi no hay de esta última (amén de que no tengo la ferretería necesaria) y el clima ha estado demasiado caluroso últimamente para la caminata para llegar a la mayoría de los bloques; pero si te gusta la deportiva hay bastante de donde escoger por aquí. ¿Eres una bestia mutante o un escalador normal? Yo soy normal: lo más que puedo puntear es 6c+. Si te interesa, avísame.


Hola Alberto! Me llamo Chris,llevo viviendo en Hong Kong tres meses y conozco bien la mayoría de las zonas de escalada de por aquí. Tengo tiempo libre para escalar todos los días,así que si te interesa,me puedes escribir a Un saludo!

Chenhui Wang

Hi all

I will be in HK on 9 May, and can stay for maximum 7 days. I would like to find a partner to climb in Lion Rock, Tung Lung Chau, Beacon Hill or any crag you would recommend. I have everything so what you need is just shoes and harness.

Anyone interested please contact me @ wangch079 at


Hi there I have just moved to hk and looking to meet up with fellow climbers.  So far I only have my boots with me so if anyone is going bouldering I would love to join.  Alternatively I could buy/rent a harness until I get my gear out here.  I am based in central and would be keen to boulder this weekend if anyone doesn’t mind me tagging along.  Please mail me at

xin chee

Hi Climbers,
I will be in HK from 1 may to 5 may with a friend (whos new to climbing). I was hoping if there will be any kind locals willinging to show us some nice boulder areas in HK for a day or two.

Do contact me at

Hope to hear from you guys 🙂

Chris Schmidt

I will be in Shenzen and then Hong Kong from Sunday to Wednesday and would love to find someone to climb with. All I brought was shoes so I will need to rent a harness/belay device from somewhere but yea


Chris. I’m here from the states and all I have with me are shoes as well. Would be pumped to renting some gear with you and doing some climbing.

Let me know if your still up for any climbing.



Chris how do I get a hold of you? Lets climb the soho crag at central in the morning. You can email me at


Hi there, I’m doing a story about rock climbing for a radio news course at uni (HKU). Just wondering if anyone is going out climbing this weekend (or indoors if the rain continues) and would be happy for me to tag along and ask them some questions? Thanks! Sophie (

James Yip

Or you can just walk down. About 15 mins back to the starting point as I recall. Most of the path can be done comfortably in bare feet. Some people walk in climbing shoes. I carried my trainers.

Brian Boyd

Descent info for gweilo at Lion Rock — what’s the scoop on getting down? Is a single 70 metre rope OK, or do we need two ropes? Thanks in advance!

Sagar Gokhale

Hi – I’m a chicagoan (formerly from HK) visiting Hong Kong from March 20 – March 25th, 2013 and would love to go climbing and bouldering outdoors. Unfortunately all I will be able to bring with me is my harness and shoes. That said, I can be available during the day almost every day that I am in Hong Kong. I can climb through 5.10’s and V2s. If you’re interested email me at:



Hi everybody.

I am in HK till the 16th and I want to climb as much as possible. If anyone is interested or need a climbing partner in this period just send me a message to

Cheers Andrej

Ian Lau

Hello everyone,

I’m going to be in HK from the evening of Thursday 14th March and plan to be climbing for the next week before the HK 7s. Does anyone know where I could hire a bouldering mat?
Or want to meet up for a day’s bouldering either on the 15th March or during the next week, the weekend of 16th and 17th I’m planning to climb at Tung Lung Island.

Regarding access to Clearwater Bay is there an alternative way to gain permission to climb there other than via fax?

Many thanks for any help and advice

Paul Fung

Visiting HK, looking for a climbing partner that would be able to show me the crags at Beacon Hill, Tung Lung Chau or Kowloon Peak. Any day between Thursday, March 7 to Monday, March 11.
I can lead Trad to 5a or Sport lead to 5b and can follow up to 5c.
Please drop me note a note, if you’re available. I would definitely reciprocate the favor, if you are ever in NY and would like to climb at the Gunks (Shawangunk).


Hi there,
I’m an avid rock climber and hold a climbing wall instructors qualification. However i feel there is a lack of or a gap of guided outdoor rock climbing tours in HK. I would be interested in talking to any freelance instructors or guides on here who would be interested setting up a small part-time company that would offer such service. You can contact me here or here 6541 3856



Tim Craighead

Des anyone know where to find Evolv climbing and approach shoes in HK?

Per Andersson

Climbing partner wanted for Feb 28- Mar 7! I´m a 32 year old Swedish guy on a climbing trip. I can climb most days, have rope and draws, but would love to do some trad as well, if anyone has a rack. Got 5 years experience and safety is my #1 priority. Send me an email on per160 at, check out my profile at, or add me on facebook! Cheers /Per Andersson

Paul Fung

Anderson, I can climb tomorrow, March 7, if you are still available. Just arrive HK after climbing in Railay, Thailand. Please drop me a note:


Hi there!
I just arrived in HK from Spain and would like to find climbing partners. I brought all my gear (even trad and a second harness) and will stay until may. If there’s anybody interested,please leave a message or email me:
See you! (i hope) 😉

James Yip

Hey you can check out the Hong Kong Rock Climb Facebook page. We regularly go outside to climb, trad and sports. There will be a night climb at Central Crag on Tuesday night.

Emily Dougan

Hey all! I’m currently on academic exchange in Hong Kong. I’m from the US, and I’ve done a fair amount of climbing in Oregon and California, but I’m ready to get out and so some here! Unfortunately, I only was able to bring my harness and a pair of shoes, but I could be down to drop some money on some quick draws if a partner could provide a rope. I went to Tung Lung Chau last weekend and loved it. I’m not the best climber (I’m also used to the Yosemite scale, so this French scale is throwing me… Read more »

Brian boyd

Emily — I’m also from the US, and am at City University. My email is bkboyd “@”, with the quotation marks and spaces deleted. Shoot me an email.

Sagar Gokhale

Hi Brian,

just saw your reply to Emily – I am from Chicago and am going to be in HK from 3/20 – 3/25 and would love to climb/boulder outside if you’re up for it. I will only have my harness, shoes and ATC (belay device), but can be available almost everyday during the day. Please shoot me an email at!


Nick Sullens

Hello, I’m also from the U.S. and am at HKU. I have plenty of ropes and gear if you want to get out climbing on the weekends. Send me an email at I’d like to go to Central Crag tomorrow afternoon if you are keen.

Nick Sullens

Sagar Gokhale

Hi Nick,
just saw your reply to both Emily and Brian – I am from Chicago and am going to be in HK from 3/20 – 3/25 and would love to climb/boulder outside if you’re up for it. I will only have my harness, shoes and ATC (belay device), but can be available almost everyday during the day. Please shoot me an email at!


Stephen Chung


I will be in Hong Kong from Jan 29 to February 11th to visit family and I would love to try climbing in Hong Kong. I will be bringing my harness, belay device and shoes but due to weight constraint, I won’t be able to bring ropes and quick draws. I can lead 10a (US system) and climb some 10b and c. If anyone is planning a trip around those times, I would love to join. Also, does anyone know where I can rent ropes and quick draws in Hong Kong?



Hey Stephen! I just arrived in Hong Kong, staying in Sheung Wan area for 6 days only. I’m in for climbing, I have harness, shoes, belay device and a 60 m. rope but NO QUICKDRAWS…. If we can find some or someone else wants to join, lets go tomorrow! send me an email at

HOng Yau

I leave a plastic container for chalk in birds nest crag and very really like it. If you see, please leave it there. I will collect it back very soon.


Your container is still there were you left it … as of today …. 🙂

Rich Gerrish

Hi there, The secondary school I work for has had an indoor wall built and I’d like to help them get it up and running. I don’t want to fall foul of any legal regulations, licensing or certification hurdles there may be in Hong Kong. Any advice or suggested people I should speak to regarding this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Rich.

Rich Gerrish

Cheers, much appreciated. Doubt ours is as nice as theirs but will get in touch with them to find out more.


Dear all– We just moved to Shenzhen from Shanghai and climb a good deal in all styles (sport, trad, mountaineering, ice, bouldering, indoors, etc.). I am planning to head over to HK for a quick trip on the morning of January 2nd, and am hoping to find some partners. I have pretty much everything, but want to carry as little as possible (ie a crash pad and shoes for a quick trip to Tsuen wan for bouldering if I am on my own or if anyone wants a quick day trip). If anyone would like to climb some routes over… Read more »


we will be at tsuen wan (ha fa?) today and tomorrow bouldering if anyone is up for it. i have one pad, more welcome!


Hello, I m in honk kong for holydays until 3rd january. I m looking for someone with climbing outside. I have my own materials except rope and quickdraws.
I climb normaly 5C to 6A (french cotations).
I will be realy happy to climb here in HK.
You can leave a message:


Hi! I just got to HK today and I think I’ll have some free time this visit to seek out some boulders :). Who might I rustle up to show me around before Jan 2? I have shoes but no pad. 6574.7983


Hi there
I’ll be visiting a friend in Hong Kong from 7th to 15th of January and would be very keen on climbing during some of the days. I have all the gear necessary for sport climbing, level currently is around F6b-7a, 20+ years of experience. Would be great if somebody could show me around a little.
Cheers & hope to see you soon


Hello everyone, my friend and I are going to be in HK for a week (29th December – 5th January) we are staying with some non-climbing friends and are so are looking to meet someone who knows the local area and would be keen to do some climbing one day. We don’t have a rope and quickdraws as we are travelling for a while before and afterwards, so looking to hook up with someone with a rope and quickdraws please! (we will bring our own shoes and harnesses and pay for use of your rope in beer!) Honestly, we are… Read more »


Since the predicted rainy weather for next week, Is there anyone who wants to do some bouldering monday 17th at DaVerm or 20th/21th at JustClimb in the afternoon? Please leave a message!