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  1. Hey all,

    Looking for a climbing partner/group this coming long weekend (2-4th).
    Is anyone out and about in hk?

    Kathy 🙂

  2. Hello !
    I will be in hong kong for a few days in the beginning of April. I’m looking for a climbing partner on the 12th of April, I have a day to spare !
    My level is around 6a/6b, 5.10c/d. I’ve been climbing for 2 years, and am looking for mostly single pitch sports climbing.
    You can drop me an email at!


    • Anyone planning a trip to Yangshou soon and travelling from Hong Hong. I’m hoping to leave on 6th April. Not sure whether I’m opting for the train or bus yet, but it would be nice to share the journey and any taxi cost etc the other end. cheers, Sue

      • Hey, I’m traveling alone to Yangshuo on the 8th and staying until the 14th. How long are you planning to stay there?

        • Hi again Thiago, just to update. I’ve now booked a train ticket for the 6th. Hope your journey goes smoothly. might bump into you in Yangshou. Cheers, Sue

  3. Learn to trad climb over Easter Weekend! Join us in Taiwan for four days of trad climbing. This structured four-day course will take you from beginner through to trad climbing leader. Learn the basics of crack climbing, including how to use hand and feet for solid jams. Gain confidence in trad protection. Learn how to place gear including Cams, Nuts, Hexes, and Tricams. Learn how to build SERNE anchors for belay and top-rope. Receive personalized instruction and feedback on climbing technique and gear placement. The course is rounded out with students leading an easy beginner level trad route. Enjoy fantastic Taiwanese food in the evening in Jiufen, Fulong Beach, and the Keelung night market.
    24 March – Travel to Taiwan
    25 – 28 March – Climbing in Long Dong, Taiwan
    Contact: / Whatsapp 852 6383 6555

  4. Hey everyone!
    I’m a climber (~7a) looking to explore the great crags in HK. I’ll be in HK from March 20th to March 24th and if you need a belayer, then drop me a line.


    • Hey Daniel, are you bringing any gear? Would be keen to go climbing with you but I don’t have rope and draws. I’m climbing 6a’s to 6c’s. Cheers

  5. Hi,
    I’m an experienced climber (climbing around 5.12) and I will be in HK from April 9 to 12.
    Alone, I’m looking for partners to climb… almost anything if it’s outside and beautiful.
    I’d love to meet other climbers with the same view.

    • Hello Bruno , I just read your message !
      I’ll be in HK the 12th, if you need a partner I’d be happy to join! Have been climbing for about 2 years now, and am confident leading 5.10c
      I’d love to explore the crags around HK for a day !
      My email is
      Send me a mail if you still around by the 12th !


      • Hi Nick,
        Tomorrow, Kathy and her friends go to Blacklinks.
        Maybe it’s a nice place but it seems there is not many routes. If you interested to climb in another place, please tell me before 22.30 tonight.

  6. Hi all, My husband and I will be in HK on March 2-6. Looking for a place to climb on lead. Any advice or people are climbing this dates?

  7. Hello Guys,
    Josh here, getting more experience after taking a few years off from climbing. Would love to get out with some more experienced climbers so I can learn some of the routings around Hong Kong. I have a few friends that would like to eventually tag along, that are at the beginner level, I am more of a 5.9-5.10 level myself, with rope, harness, quickdraws, etc.

    Let me know if anyone is interested in “showing me the ropes” so to speak, cheers
    What’sapp at +852 6504 6384

  8. Hey there, I’m staying in Hong Kong until early April and I’m looking for a climbing partner. I’ve been climbing over the last 5 years and I enjoy pretty much everything (from sports to multi-pitch). Email me ( or WhatsApp me (+447754350184) in case you’d like to meet for a climbing session. Cheers, Thiago.

    • Hi Thiago!
      Until when will you be in Hong Kong? I will be there in the end of March, leaving 2nd of April and I would like to climb a little bit. Climbing for about 1,5years, so not that much experienced but eager to learn. 🙂

  9. Hi all,

    We (me and my wife) are based in Guangzhou and looking for some climbing partners.
    We started climbing a couple of month ago. Actually climbing 5.8/5.9
    Have our own equipment (harness/ rope/ quickdraws/…).
    Actually planning a trip to HK for next weekend (27./28.02.) for some climbing.
    Would be nice if somebody could show us some nice spots in/around HK and climb together.
    Reply on.


  10. Hi guys,

    I am spending few days in HK at the end of this week and was wondering if I was able to do some climbing there. I am free on Saturday 27th and Monday 29th. I have a harness, a couple of carabiners and few draws.

    Let mne know if anyone was going to do some outdoor on these days.



  11. Hi all.

    I’m based in Hong Kong and looking for a climbing partner or two.

    I have no trip in particular planned at the moment as I’m busy the next couple of weekends, but I’m happy to go for a drink and make a plan from there (and climb as regularly as you want).

    I have a harness, boots, 50 meter rope, quick draws and safety carabiner.

    Whatsapp me on +852 6089 4469 or email me at and we’ll organise a pint somewhere and pencil in some climbs. My girlfriend also climbs, so might well come along as well.


  12. Hello-

    My husband and I are in town for a few days (15-18th Feb) and keen to get a days climbing in. Anyone free and fancy helping out some Europeans? (hehe). We’ve just spent the last month climbing in Thailand and Laos. Have most of our gear- no quickdraws or slings for anchoring, but 70m rope and our own shoes/ harness/ atc etc… so keen to hook up with some other climbers to share gear too. Happy to lead 5’s/ 6a’s, lots of belaying experience, so happy to support more advanced climbers too.

    Drop me an email on if you’re keen!


  13. It is easy to fix. Just buy an M10 nut (stainless steel is better) and place the hanger back on the screw fixing it with the nut. You can screwing in place with your fingers first than you can tighten it with a 17mm spanner or players.

  14. hi guys, I just came back from Black Crag and there is one bolt that came out on the small traverse section, please wait until that bolt to be fixed before you get there, if you are beginner climbers.
    Please do your best to fix it, and if need any money contribution, no problem, just PM me.
    Many thanks

  15. Hi, Im coming to HK for work and have a little time off, so would love to get out onto the rock there. I have tuesday 9th feb, monday 15th and part of wed 24th free. Im from scotland so prefer trad and multipitch, but am happy to jump on anything. I dont have room in my luggage for rope and draws etc but will have harness, shoes, belay etc. Please let me know if you have room for another on a day out, or if you are going out as a group that I could perhaps meet up with for a route or two. About me :
    Best to contact by

  16. I’m coming in to HK for business and have a day off to play on 1/24. I’ve never climbed HK but would like to a partner to go explore the local climbing. I heard Tung Lung is a great first crag for sport moderates. About me: sport climb solid 5.11s, project 5.12s, Boulder V5/6, Trad 5.9/10a/b. I’m a light anchor (100lbs/45kg) so that’s why I prefer either a light climbing partner, or to go climbing with a group. Let me know if you want to get together to climb and what gear you can offer.

      • Hey Ricardo,
        Im waiting to hear back from another potential climbing buddy. How big is your group? Do you already have plan for meeting tomorrow? Maybe I can converge with your group at a time and place. Do you have number or email i can contact you at? Mine is

        • We’re two people only, but it’s freezing outside (just came back from the crag and my fingers are numb from crimping), and tomorrow it’s gonna be worse, according to the forecast. Dunno if my partner will be up for it with these temps…

  17. Hello – I will be traveling to Hong Kong in February, looking to go boulder outside. is there anywhere that I could rent a crash pad?

  18. Hello !

    My name is Karel , Have been climbing for around a year. I’m visiting HK from 7-17 february with a friend who’s not climbing.
    I am looking for an outdoor climbing partner / group to climb around Hong Kong for a few days during this period. I’m comfortable leading
    6a + / 5.10c. I’m bringing my own gear, belay devices, quickdraws, harness, etc, everything except a rope (which can be rented! )

    • Hi Karel, my husband and I will be in town from 6-9th Feb. I am a newbie lead climber and never done outdoor before. My husband will be there (a seasoned outdoor climber) but he has never done lead belaying. We can certainly hangout if you are free on either 7 or 8 Feb! Beacon Hill would be a good place as it is around that range.

      P.S: I was a Hong Kong native until I permanently relocated to Singapore a few years back and I still know the nooks and crannies of Hong Kong. Thus we can totally help each other out! 🙂

      • Hey Teresa ! So I understand that at least one of you is an experienced lead belayer ? If so, I would love to go climbing with you guys on the 8th . Beacon Hill sounds like a good starting point, pretty close and not too difficult !
        my email is

    • Hi Karel- my husband and I are in town for a few days and keen to climb either on the 16th or 17th of Feb. We’ve just been climbing in Thailand and Laos, not advanced climbers (6a’s mostly), but lots of time belaying/ on the rock the past few years. We have most our gear- including a 70m rope, but no quickdraws/ slings for anchoring. Drop me a line if you’re interested to climb 🙂 ( Best wishes, Emma.

  19. Hi, I am in HK from 11th till 16th January and would love to explore some of the crags. Indoors I climb up to V4 boulder / 6b lead but much reduced outdoors, have a set of draws and my own gear (helmet, harness, belay) but no rope. Also would just love to know where to rent a boulder mat 🙂


  20. Heading to Hong Kong for a week (25/2-4/3) and would love to boulder outside but don’t have any pads. I climb V4-V6 and my wife climbs V2-V3. Are boulders easy to find and pads available for rent?

  21. Hi

    I’m going to be in HK end of January and would like to climb some outdoors. I’m bouldering around V4-6 and I’m wondering what area is the best to go to in HK and is there anywhere I can rent a crashpad?


  22. Hi all,
    I’m looking for a outdoor climbing partner/group 22-28 Dec and 5-17Jan. I boulder v6-8, sportclimb 5.11-12. I don’t have ropes/draws.

    • Would you like to climb on the 27th? Thinking about going to a bouldering gym by myself, but would be nice to have a partner.

    • Hey Angus,
      I would also love to go climbing in the next days. Unfortunately, I also have no gear. Maybe we can rent stuff somewhere? Otherwise I would also be happy to check out the bouldering on Hong Kong Island. I’m climbing for 6 years now. Mainly sport and bouldering. Not super strong though (both < 7a).


    • Hey Angus,
      I would love to go climbing in the next days. Unfortunately, I also do not have any gear with me. Maybe we can rent stuff somewhere? Otherwise I would also be happy to check out the bouldering on Hong Kong Island and just do easy stuff. I’m climbing for 6 years now. Mainly sport and bouldering. Not too strong though (both < 7a).



  23. Hey guys,
    I’m coming back to hk for winter break on 22nd Dec. I’m looking for a outdoor climbing partner/group. This is my third year climbing. I’m mainly a boulderer (v7-8), but I would love to sportclimb more. I sportclimb 5.11-12.

  24. Hey! So I’ll be travelling to HK from the 27th of Dec to 2nd Jan. Looking for a climbing partner to do some outdoor climbs! I started climbing two months ago and I’m climbing 6As (french grade) top rope, and I’m a certified belayer. Anyone interested to join me? 🙂 Comment!

  25. Hi I’m traveling to HK from the 27th of Dec to the 2nd of Jan. Anyone interested to climb? I wanna do some outdoor climbs in HK. I started climbing two months ago… currently climbing 5C+ to 6A (french grade). I’m about 48 kgs. I have belayed ppl heavier than me. Anyway leave a comment if you’re up for it!

  26. I’m coming in to HK/CN for business and have a day off to play on 12/13. I’ve never climbed HK but would like to explore the crags. About me: sport climb solid 5.11s, project 5.12a- 12c, Boulder V5/6, Trad 5.9/10a/b. I’m a light anchor (100lbs/45kg) so that’s why I prefer either a light climbing partner, or to go with a group. Give me a shout if you’d like to climb on 12/13. Sport would be my top choice.

    • I’m on the heavy side at 75kg but if you want to join up for tung lung tomorrow there’ll for sure other people around.
      ed @

      • Hi Ed, my travel plans changed at last minute so I’m not in HK at the moment. I plan to be in HK in February and I will check back with forums then to see who’s in town. Thanks for responding. Tung Lung was going to be my destination if I had made my way to HK

        • No problem. I’m headed to Yangshuo for Xmas and the new year and travelling wherever the rock takes me but might be around in Feb some as I fly out of Hong Kong Feb 13th.

  27. I’m coming in to HK/CN for business and have a day off to play on 12/13. I’ve never climbed HK but would like to explore the crags. About me: sport climb solid 5.11s, project 5.12a- 12c, Boulder V5/6, Trad 5.9/10a/b. I’m a light anchor (100lbs/45kg) so that’s why I prefer either a light climbing partner, or to go with a group. Give me a shout if you’d like to climb on 12/13. Sport would be my top choice.

  28. Hi, I’m looking for climbing partner(s) for the weekend Nov.28-29 (and December too), preferably for sport climbing somewhere outdoors.
    I do have quite some climbing experience (also with trad. climbing and mountaineering), but didn’t climb much last cca. 3 years, getting back to climbing for last 3 months. I could possibly lead-climb up to F6a.
    But currently don’t have a rope nor quick-draws in HK…thus looking for someone ideally with the gear.

  29. Hi everyone!
    I am coming to HK for a little while and am looking for climbing pals. I’ll be free to climb between the 5th and 15th of December.
    I’ll have a sport rack but no rope unfortunately. I am climbing up to 7a in French grading, but I am happy to climb whatever!
    Drop me an email if you can help a brother out!


    • Hey Will, I’m kicking about for the next week if you want to do some sport. I’m trying to hit up hk climbers for Tung Lung tomorrow, but we can just rock up there if there’s two of us. I’ve a rope with me, and can theoretically climb 7’s when my heads good. Free to the 15th too if you want to do a few more days. I might be misunderstanding wordpress but I don’t think you left an email address bother! 😀
      email without the spaces:
      ed @

  30. Hi everyone!
    I am coming to HK for a few weeks and I am looking for some climbing partners between the 5th and 15th of December. I don’t have any plans for those dates outside of climbing.
    I’ll have a sport rack but no rope unfortunately, and I am climbing up to 7a in French grading.
    Shoot me an email if you can help a brother out! Psyched!

  31. Hello 🙂 I will be climbing on Tung Lung Chau with friends on the weekend of 5th and 6th. Because it is my first time there and perhaps the only chance to climb there for some time, I would like to stay maybe 1 or 2 days more (Monday/Tuesday), however my friends are all returning to work. If any experienced climber is looking for a partner or a group wouldn’t mind me join, please let me know! Sport or trad – however I have no trad gear with me. fancito at gmail is the best way to reach me. thanks!

  32. Hi, I’ll be visiting Hong Kong from November 24-29 and looking to get into some climbing! I’m still relatively new, but can climb outdoor 5.10

  33. Hi I’m a relatively experienced climber (5.11 – 5.13) in hong kong until the 20th, I have all my own gear (rope, draws, harness ect.) And am looking for a partner (any grades welcome) message me back if your interested.

    • Hi Patrick, I could climb on the 17th November or 19 November. I usually climb around the 5c/6a level. If you’re still looking for a partner, drop me a watt sap/call at 9435 7441 or e-mail at Cheers, Denise

      • Hi patrick.

        Me and my partner are visiting Lion rock tomorrow. We have all gear and if you want to join us, you can contact us at 53274734.

        THANK YOU.

  34. looking for a partner for climbing at King’s Park on non peak hours (preferably before 3pm) during the week….
    i am an experienced climber but a re-beginner after a shoulder injury and will climb only 6a at the beginning…
    T 9859 0404

  35. I’m available 16th – 20th Nov for some climbing in the French 6’s & 7’s. Travelling from the UK and will be around for a while after that too.

  36. Hi, I’m a moderately experienced climber, looking for climbing partners any day between Monday, 9 Nov to Wednesday 19 Nov. I’ll be bringing only shoes and harness. Let me know if you’re heading out somewhere for the day and I’ll come meet you! Robert

  37. Hi, I’m a moderately experienced climber, looking for climbing partners any day between Monday, 9 Nov to Wednesday 19 Nov. I’ll be bringing only shoes and harness. Let me know if you’re heading out somewhere for the day and I’ll come meet you!

  38. Hi! Somebody could tell me what is the best store for climbing gear in HK? and also for hiking shoes btw… thanks!

  39. Hi guys!
    I’m an experienced climber visiting Hong Kong until 14th Nov. Is there a chance to join someone for some climbing or bouldering outside? Would be up for anything including trad and multi-pitch. Until Sunday 1st Nov I’m free most of the time but after then will be only able to do weekends or evenings weekdays. Currently I’m at 6b-s sport, E1-2 trad, happy to climb easier or try harder though 🙂
    My HK number: 5362 1980, email:

  40. Hi.

    I’m Aril from Malaysia. I will be visiting HK from 15-18 Nov 2015. Me and my partner planning to visit Lion Rock crags on 15/11/2015. We are generally sport climber (not so good , not so bad) We will bring our own harness, quickdraw, belay device, ropes.
    We already get the log for Lion rock from here. (Thank you webmaster) and public transport log. However, we are looking for local climber that are free to join us on that particular dates.

    I can be reached at or facebook message : Azril Azemi if anyone interested to join us.

    Thank you.

  41. Hi. Any chance to join someone for climbing on these hot days? I’m a visiting climber from Poland/UK with several years of experience, happy to do any kind of climbing/bouldering (currently at 6b-c sport, E1-2 trad but will be fine seconding harder, also will happily climb easier routes). I’ll be pretty much free any day now for a week (until 1st Nov) and then only evenings & weekends 2-14 November. I only have rock shoes, harness and a belay device. My HK number is 53621980. Cheers!

  42. Hi Guys, I am Pascal and experienced climber, I am organizing a Climbing Weekend to China, at Qing Yang from October 30th to November 1st, the whole weekend. Please send me an email at pascalcheung93 at, we are already 10 people and we have 2 spots left.

  43. I’m HK based climber, looking for climbing partner(s). I currently do only about 5.10, but with a bit more practice can get again to 5.13 or so.
    Also I currently don’t have any rope, quickdraws or mat in HK, so would need to share or bring it back from Europe…
    I can do trad. climbing as well.

    • I have a mat and a preference for outdoors bouldering, but also a rope & quickdraws. davidmccarthy1 at

  44. Hi HK climbers. It’s been a while since I’ve been to King’s Park and was hoping to make the trip out there more regularly now that the weather is just right. Anyone keen on a midweek evening climb? I’m free most evenings except Mondays. Thanks, Steve. 91274305.

  45. Hi, I’m in HK from the 6th to 24th Oct 2015. Generally a UK Trad climber but happy with sport. Can climb up to 6c, will climb 7a but will probably fall off. Have my harness, shoes and belay with me (no rope). I’m free to climb anytime, any place….. Please give me a shout?

    • I’m in HK now for a conference – I would be free next Tuesday or Wednesday (Oct. 13th and 14th) for climbing outside, although I also only have my harness, shoes, and belay device.

      • Hi Andrew,

        Thanks for contacting me.

        We might struggle without a rope…if I find anyone with a rope I’ll let you know.


  46. May I ask a question? I am planning a trip to Hong Kong but read some recent news about MTR. Is there any trouble to take a crash pad onto MTR nowadays? Anyone has issue before?

  47. The Hong Kong Mountain Club and Hong Kong Climbing School are looking for a few good climbers. We have openings for rock climbing instructors, assistants, and climbing group leaders. Previous instructing experience is a plus. Must have solid climbing technique, and a clear understanding of climbing safety systems. Training to be provided. Please contact me at or via facebook message.
    ~James Haugen
    Director, The Hong Kong Climbing School

  48. Hello,
    My boyfriend and I are climbers from Canada and we were hoping to find somebody to go sport climbing with sometime between Oct 19 to 21. We are both comfortable lead belaying and climbing up to 5.10 (US grading… I think this translates to 6?). I’d be willing to try some 5.11s too, though I try to stick to easier stuff when I’m somewhere new! We will have our shoes and harnesses, but no ropes or draws. We can bring some extra carabiners, draws, slings, atc/grigri if needed.
    My email address is We are looking forward to meeting some HK climbers!

  49. Climbing buddy/buddies required for Hong Kong & a quick visit to Yangshou – Mid Nov to early Dec.
    I’m from the UK and will be visiting from mid November to early December. Keen to sample some of the great climbing opportunities, I’ll be near Guilin City 21st -23rd Nov with some non-climbing friends (exact date to be confirmed). it would be good to sample some of the legendary yangshou sport climbing crags while I’m there. Is anyone available to climb during this period with a UK based climber? I’m happy doing anything really; onsight up to 7a+ on a good day and maybe redpoint a little harder occasionally. Sue.

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