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  1. Anyone want a copy of the American Alpine Journal 2017? For some reason they sent me two. Just let me know.

  2. Hi everybody,

    I’ll be visiting Hong Kong Oct 19 to 27 from Canada, Would love to check out the local crags while I’m there. I’ll be traveling with a full trad rack, but no rope. Can climb 5.10d (6b+) sport and 5.8 (5a) trad.
    Let me know if you’re interested!

  3. Hi Everyone, I will be Solo Travelling to HK on the 30th Oct to 1 Nov, and would like to plan on doing a climb trip for a day Preferably on 30th or 31st.

    Is there anyone who climbs on Monday or Tuesday, so that I can tag along?

    I am Proficient in 6A Indoor Climbing but only V1/V2 for Bouldering. hoping to experience HK Rock Climb

  4. Hi all,
    I’m fairly new to Hong Kong. I have around 3 years experience of bouldering and I’m looking for climbing buddies (indoor at the moment, but looking to move outdoors when the weather cools down a bit). Let me know if you feel like joining me at Kwun Tong or North Point (or possibly any others that you can recommend).
    Thanks, Lisa

    • Hi I am visiting Hong Kong and would love to get outside and climb… I don;t have any gear other than harness shoes and belay device. I am an experienced climber. Thanks

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  6. I’ll be in the Hong Kong area for the next 2 weeks and would love to get out and try some classics in the area. I’m safe, experienced and I love climbing. 6+ years experience.

  7. Hi all,
    I’m going to Hong Kong for 3 weeks this Friday and looking for someone to Climb indoor and outdoor.
    I boulder around V4 and Lead 6A


  8. Wonder if anyone has climbed the Tsuen wan boulders? I want to try one of these weekends. Welcome to join

  9. Hi,

    I’ll be in Hong Kong for the next six weeks and would love to get some climbing in! I have a full set of sport climbing gear. Would also love to check out the bouldering scene but I don’t have a crash pad with me.

    You can contact me at


  10. Hi, I’m visiting from 7-9 May, would like to experience outdoor climbs and I’ve my own shoes and harness. Would be great if I could join anyone to climb one anyone of these days!

    Pls whatsapp me at +65 92425339.


  11. Hi all,

    I am new to HK and I would love to go climbing outdoors! I have good experience indoor climbing and have learnt belaying etc. So I am not a beginner, just haven’t climbed outside yet. Could I possibly join in with some of you guys next time you climb? If so, my number is 62757330, feel free to whatsapp me.


  12. Hello HK Climbers!

    I am in Shenzhen for work for the next 5-6 weeks and am looking to climb regularly 3X week and get a climbing trainer (I have a climbing trip to Croatia planned in May and need to level up!)

    I have been struggling finding any good top rope gyms in the area – and the bouldering is not much better. Does anyone have any experience this side of the border? Any help/insight/connections would be greatly appreciated!



  13. Hi all!

    I will be visiting HK in late April with some friends and am very keen to sample some of the local climbing.
    I won’t be able to fit much more kit in my bag than harness, shoes and chalk so was wondering if anybody knows of anywhere/anyone who provides a gear rental service?
    Any help would be much appreciated,


  14. Hey!

    I’m out from South Africa and will be in Hong Kong for the next 2 weeks. Would love to climb, I have my shoes but no pad or equipment. I climb roughly 21 or 6b. Would be keen to join an outing, literally any time that works. Obviously I belay too!

    Please email WhatsApp +27761670242

    Thanks, Warwick

  15. Dear climbers
    my name is Jorg from Germany. I visit HonKong on my way to Australia from the 10th of February (I arrive in the morning) to the 15th of February (leaving in the evening). I’m looking for a climbing partner / or a Group … maybe for a good hike too. I have more than 25 years climbing expirience … but because of an accident I climb at this moment only more or less 6b french. I have a 70m rope, some friends and 8 quickdraws with me. No car. I stay in the Youth Hostel Jockey Club Mt. Davis. You can send me SMS … whatsapp or Email (I think I have connection in the Hostel … I have no roaming). You can leaf also a message in the Hostel. My number is: 0049 (Germany) – 170 4 669 311 … Email: … Have a good time and see you … at the wall 😉 Greetings from the lake of Constance … Jorg

  16. Any HK climbers going for an outing on Sunday Feb 5? I’m visiting and would like to tag along if possible. I have my own harness and shoes, and can climb up to V5 / 5.12b. Thanks!

    • I’m looking for a partner for tomorrow. Send me a whatsapp or SMS if you still want to get out.



  17. Hello,

    I’ll be in Hong Kong Jan 27th to Jan 31st, 2017. I have draws, rope, anchor-building gear. I’m looking to either boulder or do some sport climbing (I can lead anything up to 6b+). Please get in touch if you’re interested to climb!

    • Hi Vania, get in touch if you’d like to boulder outdoors. davidmccarthy1 “at” gmail dot com

      • hey i’m heading to hongkong tomorrow, I am bringing my draws and rope as well. Kyle Handfield add me on facebook and we could meet up to do some sport climbing!

  18. Hello,
    I am visiting Hong Kong and have a full day to explore crags in Hong Kong. Looking for experience climbers to guide me and my friend. I have 12 quick draws, rope, harness and helmet, and will be in Hong Kong from 23- 27 March 2017, but only free to climb on the 27th March. Prefer Lion Rock Area to do some easy but iconic route.

    Comfortable to Top rope F6a.

    Thanks in advance,

    Edwin Goh

  19. Looking for a climbing partner in HK to climb with from January 3rd to 6th. I’ll have a full set of gear. Let me know if you’re interested in!

    • We’re going to Sea Gully in Tung Lung island on Saturday if you’re interested.

  20. Hi all,

    Visiting from Australia. Looking for a climbing partner for either the 28th or 29th of December. Keen to try out some of the crags in Hongkong. I won’t have rope or many quickdraws but do have my own shoes and harness. I visit hongkong regularly because of family so I’m fairly comfortable making my way around town 🙂

  21. In HK for short visit, looking for partner with rope and gear, for Monday, Dec19 or Tuesday, Dec20. Lead Trad upto 5c or 6a+ Sport and follow upto 6b+. Will definitely return favor, if you visit New York, with a guided tour of the Gunks.

  22. Hi! I’m in Hong Kong on Thu 8 and Fri 9 December 2016 on way to YangShuo. Is anyone on this forum interested in climbing with me on Tung Lung Chau on one of those days? I climb around f7a and have a 60m rope and 12 QDs with me. Also up for hitting one of the other crags if preferred. Cheers!

  23. Dear all
    I’m planning to visiting Hong Kong from 10th to 15th January 2017. I also would like to go for climbing and now I’m looking for a climbing guide or Partner..
    I would also like to go for mountain biking
    I would be very happy to get a contact for climbing and Mountain Biking

    Cheers from switzerland

  24. Hi All,
    I just moved to Hong Kong a couple months ago. I’m looking an outdoor/indoor climbing partner(s). I can belay but can’t lead (will hopefully sign up for a lead course here in hk). I climb around a 6a/6b or 5.10+. I have an assessment card for tst and a membership at go nature.

    • Hi Kat, I will be in HK 21st/22nd of Jan, let me know if you are planning to be around that weekend? Would love to do some outdoor routes? Thanks Peter

    • Kat, I’m in HK for short visit, looking for partner with rope and gear. Are you available Monday, Dec19 or Tuesday, Dec20? Lead Trad upto 5c or 6a+ Sport and follow upto 6b+. Will definitely return favor, if you visit New York, with a guided tour of the Gunks.


    Hello Lady Climbers!
    we are planning to shoot a commercial video featuring a female climber. The shoot would take 2 days in December/January, and is paid.
    The main character is successful young entrepreneur and mother, who loves indoor climbing.

    The requirements for the casting are:
    – age 28-35, experienced indoor climber
    – height: around 170cm
    – mixed-Asian or pan-Asian look (for video to work in different countries)
    – preferably experienced in acting and/or modeling
    – driver’s license is a plus

    Please contact us directly if interested:

  26. Hi all, my name is Vince. As I am relocating to Hong Kong/Shenzhen for work. Would like to know and meet the local climbers. I have full gears with 60m rope and dozen quickdraws, would love to climb regularly with the outdoor scene. I am comfortable to lead 5.9 and top rope 5.10b. My number is 63394879, feel free to drop me a text.

    Cheers all

  27. I’m looking for a climbing partner in the first week of January 2017. I’m visiting HK for 4-5 days in the first week of January 2017. I’ve climbed across the East coast of the US. I can comfortably climb in the 5.10 range (6b) and work on 5.11- (anything above 6b+).

  28. Hey All! I’m flying in from Canada & am looking to do some lead or top roping outdoors while I’m in HK 🙂 Anyone up for climbing anytime between the 21st – 28th? Looking for someone to show me the ropes (pun intended) so I can get a taste for the local climbing scene! Let me know.

    • Looking for a partner to climb outdoor tomorrow or Friday, are you still interested? Send me a text if so, my number is +852 63394879.

  29. Climbing Monday 17th October? Hi we are visiting HK and would love to try out the climbing there, specifically the new AP LEI CHAU area. If anyone’s free on Monday would be great to meet up! we have all the sport gear too so if you only have shoes and harness that’s fine 🙂 email me

  30. Hi everyone! I’m from Singapore and am visiting Hongkong end of next month. I would like to know what are the recommendations for the local climbing gyms around. As far as I’ve researched, I have found Just Climb & GoNature but received mixed reviews on them. Furthermore, I am also interested in heading out to the Natural Boulders, is there a guidebook or website that I can check out with the topography or route list for the routes?

    • Im also looking for a climbing buddy if there is anyone interested. Gears wise i have shoes chalk harness draws. Rope is too heavy for my baggage so Im leaving it at home! I would prefer trying out the outdoor Bouldering

  31. Hi, all! I’m from Brazil and visiting HK for short before heading into mainland China. I never climbed in Asia. In fact I’ve planned to climb in Yangshuo but just learned from a nice customs agent who searched all over my gear that I shouldn’t miss climbing here in HK🙂

    Looking for potential partners for Sunday (Oct 9th) and Monday then! I have rope and everything for a sport climb. If you’re free to climb or I can join your group please beep in! Thanks! My HK number is +852 66470167

  32. Hi! My wife and I will visit Hong Kong soon for just a few days, and plan on climbing on one day: Saturday, October, 29. I Have two questions if any HK climbers have a sec!

    1- Is there anywhere we can rent a rope?
    2- Any locals up for climbing together that day? 🙂 (we could possibly arrange Friday instead if that is better)

  33. Hi! I will be in Hong Kong soon for just a few days, and I hope to climb for one of those days: Saturday, October 29. I have 2 questions if any HK climbers would give their input!

    1- is it possible to rent a rope somewhere?
    2- any locals up for climbing together? 🙂

  34. Hi!
    I’m passing through Hong Kong for 4-5 days (getting the visa) on route to China from the 27th Sept and would love to meet up, hang out and check the climbing in HK! Crazily I lived there for a while years ago but didn’t climb at the time.

    I’m up for anything really. Just had 6 months off working / injury but usually climb upto V8 / 7c+ ish. Trad or sport, oh, and I have all the gear!


    • Text me if u are free to climb at 2/10/2016, I am a local climber and climbed at least 12 years.

  35. I’m a film maker shooting a promo in HK in sept/oct and I need to shoot a scene with a climber, at a good looking location. This would be a paid job. Please let me know if interested and to discuss further.

      • Hi Ricardo, sadly I need the ‘rope and carabiner’ look for this clip. Can you do this? Do you know anyone who might be interested. Thank you. Dave

        • Hello again, Dave. No prob: I can also climb with ropes and krabs. I can climb up to 7b+, by the way, and can show you some pretty scenic climbing locations in HK that would look terrific in a promo. You can contact me at desnivel_efectivo99(at) if you’re interested. 🙂

  36. Hey all, I just moved to HK and am looking for a good climbing gym. Would anyone have a recommendation? I live in the NT, so I see there are a few around Kowloon… It’d be amazing if there were indoor sport routes, but maybe it’s only bouldering? Thanks so much!

    • Climberland, Justclimb, GoNature, Attic V , all are bouldering gym. U can go route climbing at King’s Park, there are 18 metre height climbing wall.

  37. Hey everyone, I just moved to HK and am interested in a good climbing gym. I live in the NT, so I see there are a couple around Kowloon, but would anyone have a recommendation for one in particular? It’d be excellent if there were indoor sport routes, but maybe it’s just bouldering..? Thanks so much!

  38. Hi 🙂

    My friend and I would be in hong kong from 5-9 aug. We are relatively new to outdoor climbing and would like to seek for some advice. I know that Beacon HIll and Tung Lung has walls that are easy for beginners. We will planning to head over to beacon hill on sat 6 aug and tung lung on 7 aug. I checked out the ratings, F5+ is the F part of the International French Adjectival System (IFAS) representing easy? and the rating of HS 4 is a Adjectival grade? meaning hard severe?


    • this is my suggestion
      Direction 1 = more easy route + easy access = Black Crag, Beacon-Hill
      Direction 2 = want some easy to meidum difficulty route 6c ( 5.11a ) + traffic easy = Beacon Hill, Cape Collinson, Monkey Butress, Central Crag
      Direction 3 = if no need hurry to leave + want more variety route + variety difficulties = Tung Long Island, Central Crag, Cape Collinson, Monkey Butress
      Direction 4 = If already went to Tung Long Island + want new place = Cape Collinsion, Beacon Hill, Central Crag, Black Crags, Monkey Butress
      Direction 5 = In summer time, too hot…. Near urban area + need shelter = Cape Collinson, Beacon Hill, Black Crags, Monkey Butress, Central Crag

    • you can send me email address I can send you the route details ( with photos and rating )
      for beginner all the 5.9, 5.8 are OK, if you can interesting, I can go with

  39. Hi all,

    Can someone recommend a crag that has easy access(Without abseiling) in Hong Kong besides Tung Lung Chau? We’ll be in Hong Kong from 2-5 July. We understand there might be bad weather therefore our only Sunday might not be an option to go Tung Lung Chau. }:


    • Black Cary ,Monkey Butress, Beacon Hill, Central Crag….if you want I can go with you, send me email

    • U can taxi up to the front door of Villa Aliya (帝景園) and then hike up to Old Peak Road, there is a pavilion at the first sign, the entrance just behind it. Or take a mini-bus (No. 3 ) from IFC , to Po Shan Road, drop off at the terminal and walk to the end of Po Shan Road, there a an unofficial stairs up to a trail and walk to the left until u can a obvious rock stream.

  40. Hi

    I am visiting Hong Kong from 17.5 – 22.5 2016. I would love to do some climbing but I need a 60-70 Meter Rope. Can you lend me yours? Of corse I will take care of it and handle it back in a proper and good condition.

    I could give you around 300-350 HK$

    Please let me know as soon as possible if you have a save rope for me.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    Urs (from Switzerland)

  41. Hello,
    I’m visiting Hong Kong this weekend (Th Apr 28 – Wed May 4) and would love to do some climbing if the weather holds. I usually boulder around v4 and lead around 5.10c/d, but I’m much more interested in having a fun day outside than projecting. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!

    • hey alex, I’m open to climbing, fri,sat or sun, i only have draws and my own personal gear, I’m keen for sport or bouldering, send me a line at 852 6335 7945 for a quick response or just hit me up here.

      • Hi Nick,
        Thanks for your message! I’ve got shoes and a harness, so we should be all set.

        Saturday and Sunday are both good. Do you have a place \ time in mind?

      • It looks like the weather is going to be alright tomorrow but rainy on Sunday. How about we try for Saturday?

  42. Hello Nick,
    yes, I’m interested. I’m already in touch with Kathy. Maybe we can go all together. I’m waiting for a message from her to know how we meet and where we go tomorrow.

  43. anyone want to climb? bouldering(have no crash pad but would rent) sport( have draws but no rope) anytime anyday. someone who likes stuff around 5.11/5.13 would be sweet, but I’m game for anything. let me know if you’re keen. I’m in hong kong till may 3

      • Hi Stuart, thanks for getting back to me, will not be able to make that boat today, perhaps keep in touch for another time? Very keen to go there!

    • Hi Bruno,

      I’m thinking of climbing this Sunday but also need a partner. Let’s join together?
      My number is 56037406, you can whatsapp me.


      • Hello Kathy;
        It will be with pleasure.
        I’m leaving Laos tomorrow and will be in Hong Kong at night.
        I don’t usually use whatsapp.
        I installed it and made a test, but it did not work; I will try again.

  44. Hi everybody,
    I’m looking for a partner/group to go climbing with any day from April 29 to May 3. Preferably single-pitch sport routes or bouldering. It’d be nice to visit Tung Lung but anywhere with fun climbing is fine by me. I’ll bring a harness, belay, and snacks.

    I generally do more bouldering than sport climbing, but I’m comfortable on lead and happy to belay. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!

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