Guide Downloads

The following PDF downloads comprise the working drafts for the new guidebook.

Feel free to comment below on any typo’s found, disagreements on grades given, improvements in descriptions etc.  (layouts are a bit scrappy in places so no need to comment on that…)

You’re also invited to send in any new photos to: for our consideration.

Routes Guides

Tung Lung Chau

Lion Rock

Shek O

Cape Collinson – by Francis Haden

Eagle Crag

Waterfall Rock

Monkey Buttress

Bouldering Guides

Ha Fa Shan

Shek Lung Kung

Radar Rocks

Lin Fa Shan

Colins Boulders

Chung Hom Kok

Lamma Bouldering

Shek O Bouldering

Tai Koo Bouldering

Old Stuff

There’s a copy of the old D.C Reeves Guidebook from the 1960’s here for those interested: DC Reeves Guidebook.



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