Supersonic Bloc

Supersonic Bloc

The Supersonic Bloc is one of the show pieces of Radar Rocks, if not the whole Tsuen Wan, containing a collection of highball classics in the V2 to V5 range as well as potential for some hard projects.


1) Slanting Crack – V0
The diagonal crack up the lefthand side of the slab.

2) Don’t Look Down ** V1
The centre of the slab, right of the slanting crack. It may be low in the grade but its definately scary.


3) Supersonic *** V2
A fantastic problem up the steep side of the overhanging arete. From the good jug reach up to holds in the crack on the arete. Continue past the end of the crack and, using poor holds higher up (where the arete flatten out slightly) rock over onto the slab. Amble up the slabby arete above to the top.

4) Supersonic (sds) *** V3
The sit down start from slopers low down.

5) The Lip Trip (sds) ** V4
Start as for Supersonic (sds) but instead of rocking onto the slab continue rightwards to the highest point of the overhanging wall. Finish up the crack above as for Crouching Tiger.

6) Crouching Tiger *** V6
Start with both hands in the fragile looking flake in the middle of the overhanging wall. Reach up to jam the crack in the lip and then go for the flat ledge left of this. Mantle the ledge at the lip using the crack to the right.

7) Hidden Dragon – Project
The sit start to Crouching Tiger from the good crimp low down looks just about within the realms of reality but has so far resisted all attempts.

8) Cocaine ** V1
The overhanging crack, rocking round onto the slab to finish.

9) Descent Arete – VB
The arete and wall at the back of the boulder. As the name suggests, this is also the easiest way down.

10) Lilliputian (sds) ** V6
Sit start matched on the good crimp ledge low down. From these, weave a technical and crimpy line up the middle of the wall.

11) Scooped Arete – V0
The arête on the righthand side of the scooped face of the boulder at the rear of Supersonic Boulder.

12) Scooped Slab – VB
The middle of the short concave slab.