Hong Kong Bouldering (Second Edition)

The updated authoritative guide to bouldering in Hong Kong, containing detailed descriptions and topo’s for more than 1,300 bolder problems scattered across more than thirty different sectors.

The book has a retail cost of HK$300 and will be available from the outlets linked below from late-August 2021. If you can’t get to any of these for whatever reason, online orders can also be arranged (inclusive of postage and packaging) at the approximate costs indicated below by emailing to confirm availability and costs:

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Shipping via SF-Express (see here for current rates)

To avoid shipping costs, direct collection can also be arranged from the Mid-Levels, Hong Kong Island (evenings) or Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong (weekdays, office hours). As above, e mail for details if this is preferred.

Note: this was a relatively small print run of less than 1,000 copies of the guidebook as I simply don’t have the room to store lots of copies in a small flat, or the cash to blow on buying storage space elsewhere. The end result of this is that the guide could be out of stock relatively quick and a second print run won’t be planned until there’s enough confirmed demand to cover all the costs etc. In other words, if you want a copy, buy one relatively quickly to avoid disappointment …

Local Stockist of the Hong Kong Bouldering Guidebooks

Please contact if you are also interested in stocking the guidebook.

Digital Versions

Alternatively, you can also purchase e-book version of the guide from Amazon / Apple using the links below:

Other Online Stores

Links to some third-party local HK stores and online gear shops we’re happy to link you up with. The two stores below are basically all you need for your climbing supply requirements, between them carrying most of the major climbing brands for Sport, Trad and Bouldering supplies. There support of helps cover our running costs and keeps this info coming to you for free, so sod Bananafingers and EpicTV, get your gear here, it’ll be cheaper anyway….

Other Gear You Should be Buying!

The other links below are small local start-ups looking to bring you more niche and targeted top quality products. Again, buy local and support your own climbing scene rather than paying for someone elses!

Skin care solutions for those precious tips we rely on

Tested by endurance and power athletes, alpinists, yogis, rock climbers, skiers and cyclists, Rhino Skin Solutions has proven itself time and again to speed recovery and extend performance. Rhino sets itself apart from other skin care products in a few ways.  All Rhino Skin Solutions products are non-greasy.  Apply Rhino products and go about your day.  No need to wait for it to absorb or dry out.


Repair |
Recovery |

Designed with a high percentage of essential oils and nutrients, Rhino Repair Cream supports connective tissue health and durability through a non-greasy skin conditioner.

Directions: Wash and dry hands immediately after climbing. Apply 1 pump  to hands, feet or area needed, rub in until absorbed. Reapply as necessary.

3.5 oz $150
8 oz $250


Antiperspirant |
Durability |

Dry hands with no cracks or splits.

Performance skin conditioner decreases sweat and increases durability. It helps maintain tough, dry, durable skin.

Directions: Wash hands, apply one pump three days a week. Let absorb for eight hours. For increased effectiveness apply up to five days in a row.

3.5 oz $150


Non-Aluminum Antiperspirant |
Antibacterial | Antifungal

Full Strength and Safe! This formula has been found to be a safe and effective long term antiperspirant.

Directions: Spray onto desired area once a week. Lasts up to three days. Activation takes eight hours. Do not wash off during activation period. For increased effectiveness apply multiple times per week.

2 oz $100


A non-greasy, aloe-based spray designed for climbers with overly dry hands who tend to glass or dry-fire off holds. It’s also very effective for winter climbing when the hands are especially dry. Skin Spit hydrates the skin to make it more pliable, durable, and flexible preventing splits, cracks, and glassy skin.

Directions:  Apply minutes before climbing

Coming soon


Designed to heal splits and cracks in the skin. Its beeswax base is enriched with vitamin E, honey, arnica, and tea tree oil to disinfect and speed up recovery of any skin injuries. A great addition to any post-climb skin recovery routine.

Directions: Apply after proper care to wound as a post treatment. 

0.17 oz $35

Tip Juice

Extra Strength Antiperspirant

Maximum Strength skin toughener* for very sweaty fingertips. Tip juice is designed for once a week application to decrease sweating and increase crimping durability.

Directions: Use the brush on applicator to apply product to finger pads.

Bottle $100


Rhino Recover is an all-natural recovery cream that gives a warming, healing massage to sore muscles and joints. It’s made from whole flowers and essential oils to repair your muscles and joints naturally.

Directions: Apply where needed.

Coming soon


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Otherwise, $30 via SF Express

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For more info on these products and their Hong Kong distributor, please check out the following links:

Cool climbing accessories to keep your street cred whilst out at the crag

Abyss Chalk Bucket

Constructed with durable, water repellent 1000B Nylon fabric all over the body plus ultra-soft faux fur lining with a MOLLE system on the front that provides multi-holders for brushes and other essentials.

A vertical zipper pocket on the back gives room for wallet, keys, phones etc., while the vertical slot in style pocket built in behind the zipper pocket is designed to hold you smartphone or topo upright for easy access.

Ultra soft faux fur lined throughout the bag, soothing your nerves while you ready your palm for your next fight. Hook and loop closure along the top, which rolls down to securely seal your precious chalk inside,

Sender Sling

A little hand made sling made from retired climbing rope covered with tubular webbing that helps keep your gear (up to 25 quickdraws and belay devices etc.) nicely organised.

Also includes a buckle handle to give you the freedom to hang your gear from nearby bolts or branches whilst readying yourself for your next project.

For enquiries or orders, use the form below or email directly to Also be sure to check out our latest products and offer on IG at https//

Check out their Insta page for ordering details:

The best source of hardware for developers needing bolts, glue etc. Also the online spot for the excellent 2020 Hong Kong Climbing Guidebook by Francis Haden.

The above products are not sold by, we’re merely providing you with a nice easy link to these outlets. As such, http://www.hongkongclimbing accepts no responsibility or liability for any orders placed or the quality of the products received.