Links to some third-party local HK stores and online gear shops we’re happy to link you up with. The two stores below are basically all you need for your climbing supply requirements, between them carrying most of the major climbing brands for Sport, Trad and Bouldering supplies. There support of helps cover our running costs and keeps this info coming to you for free, so sod Bananafingers and EpicTV, get your gear here, it’ll be cheaper anyway….

The other links below are small local start-ups looking to bring you more niche and targeted top quality products. Again, buy local and support your own climbing scene rather than paying for someone else’s!

Skin care solutions for those precious tips we rely on

Cool climbing accessories to keep your street cred whilst out at the crag

The best source of hardware for developers needing bolts, glue etc. Also the online spot for the excellent 2020 Hong Kong Climbing Guidebook by Francis Haden.

The above products are not sold by, we’re merely providing you with a nice easy link to these outlets. As such, http://www.hongkongclimbing accepts no responsibility or liability for any orders placed or the quality of the products received.