Ap Lei Chau Crags

A PDF guide for the entire crag is available for the crags here
(suggest print in booklet form page for best viewing).


The crags on Ap Lei Chau offer a diverse mix of climbing style, from the short gym like routes of The Depot, longer sustained face climbing on The Fury Wall, to the short beginner friendly routes on Yellow Wall and Dump Wall. A few words of warning when climbing here however:

  1. Many of the crags are affected baby the tide so time your visit to low tide whenever possible; and
  2. Rock fall from the upper cliffs seem to happen quite frequently and its not uncommon to see new large blocks lying at the base of the crags, especially around Yellow Wall and Dump Wall. If you see these, be careful when climbing any nearby routes as loose rock may bee an issue. Helmets are recommended in these areas.

Welcome Wall
A couple of short routes on the first wall reached.

The Gallery
A handful of routes ninth small zawn just beyond Welcome Wall. Most routes affected by the tide and required abseil access to hanging stances.

The Depot
This crag is basically like a modern bouldering gym on steroids. Steep, powerful routes on (generally) positive holds. Partially tidal on the left side.

The Fury Wall
Quality face climbing up a sustained steep face providing some of the best routes at this area.

Yellow Wall
A mix of short slabby routes and steeper, longer lines up prominent features provides a good selection of routes at moderate grades.

Dump Wall
Short (very short) climbs up the slightly scrappy walls on the right side of the cliffs as they descend in height.

The Den
A combination of steep lines on the right and slab lines on the left provides a well shaded area to keep you busy. Some lines affected by the tide.

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