A small cluster of boulders on the hillsides above Jardine’s Lookout, near Mount Butler Quarry. Big thanks to Kelvin Wong and Tim Somerset for establishing and providing all the info on the area.


Access to the boulders is gained from Mount Butler Road, which is followed to the left turn beneath the HKPF Explosive Ordnance Depot in the old Munt Butler Quarry site. Just before this turning a staircase leads up the hill on the right side of the road to eventually join a footpath contouring the hillside. Turn right on this footpath and follow it back to a platform and cut slope at the ridgeline about 250m to the west. From here follow the access staircase up the slope and dirt trails up the ridge to reach the boulders after a short distance.


see images below for problem locations and grade:

The Egg

1) Soft Boiled V1

2) Hard Boiled V2

3) Onsen Tomago V3

4) Egg Roulette V2

5) Scrambled Eggs V1

1) V2

2) (sds) V4

3) V3

1) e to the x V3

2) V1

3) VB

4) V0

5) VB

6) Sensation (sds) V4
Avoiding the footholds on the right makes it a Pure Sensation (V5)

7) The Fin V2

8) V2
Finish as for line#1