Tai Mo Shan Boulders

Hong Kong’s highest peak offers the keen a scattered but worthwhile collection of boulders and a ton of potential for further development. The problems recorded here are just a handful of what’s been climbed over the years as subsequent groups head out there to explore what has, until now, largely remained undocumented.


The bouldering areas on Tai Mo Shan are all accessed from Tai Mo Shan Road, which in itself is accessed from Route Twisk. For those approaching on public transport,  your best bet is to take the MTR to Tsuen Wan or Tsuen Wan West Stations. From either of these you can then take the #51 Lui Kung Tin Tsuen bus to Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Centre. From here you’ll have to hike up Tai Mo Shan Road a fair way to reach the bouldering areas themselves. A better option is to just grab a taxi from the MTR station to avoid (or at least cut down) the amount of hiking needed.

Bouldering Areas

Easy Access Boulders

See here

Gateside Boulders

See here

Firehouse Boulders

See here

Switchback Boulders

See here

Final Frontier

See here

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