Sisyphus (Upper)


More of the same from Sisyphus (Lower), although a bit more of a pain to navigate your way around the area as the hillside is a bit steeper and the trails a bit more overgrown than the Lower Sector.


For general access details, please refer to the Sisyphus (Lower) page here. The Upper blocs are those located upslope of X-Rock level and are reached by continuing up the trails on either the left or right side of X-Rock deoending on which blocs you’re headed to.


The Pine Stone

A small tabular bloc adjacent to the trail with several one move wonders followed by bellyflop top outs.

1) Pesto (sds) V4
A tricky scrunched start leads to a short traverse left to the edge of the bloc and the top out.

2) Conifers (sds) V3
Start matched on the flake and finish directly above.

3) Taiga (sds) * V7
Start matched on the undercling and throw to slopers on the lip above, before grovelling through these to finish slightly right.

C4 Bloc

Slightly higher up the hill and on the left is a more sensibly sized bloc.

1) No Store Room ** V4
Climb the middle of the slab. Delightful.

2) Windows V2
Climb the bulging wall to the right of the slab.

3) Big Cat V3

4) Neko V2
Start matched on the best part of the rail and climb the wall above.

5) Bloc One V2
Start matched on the blob left of the crack. Move right into the crack and then follow this to the top.

6) Nomads (sds) V7
Start with a good side pull for the right and a poor crimp for the left. Move out left to the arête and then follow this to the top.

Tiger Bloc

1) Watchtower V2
The left side of the slabby face.

2) Dragon’s Nest V1
Start on the positive flake and climb the ridge above.

3) Gosh V2

4) Tomb Raider V4
Start at a sloper on the left side of the bloc and make a rightwards traverse across the lower part of the face , around the corner to finish as for Swindled.

5) Possession V8
As for the previous line but this time keep going further right to join the ending of Rosin Free.

6) Joilli V1

7) Swindled V7
Start on opposing gastons before moving left to climb the bulging wall.

8) Rosin-Free ** V6
Start on opposing crimps and then attack the crack above.

Far Away Bloc

1) Afterlife V2

2) 21 Days *** V4
Start at a side pull on the right side of the face, move left to a crimp and then join and finish up Afterlife.

3) Tree ** V6
Start matched on the rail and make tricky moves up the face, being extremely careful not to dab against the tree located perilously close to your foothold, to a committing top out. Would be three stars if not for the tree…

4) Mordor V7
Another committing line up the wall to the right of Tree.

5) Morden V5
Start on two underclings near the right side of the face (on the edge of the topo photo) and then climb directly up the wall above.

6) Long Distance Relationship *** V4
Start on the same underclings and traverse right until you reach a vertical crack, which is then followed to op out.

The Orca

1) Milk and Cookies *** V4
Start matched on an open hold near the arete and then move up and left through the stepped roof above.

2) White Sun (sds) *** V6
Sit start using two small crimps either side of the prow. Move up to the lip and then follow this right with the help of some holds higher up, until it is possible to rock over on to the shelf.

3) Project (sds)

4) Blacklight ** V8
Start matched on the right side of the roof. Make difficult moves up and left to eventually gain the crack, which is then followed to the top.

5) White Noise Machine V3
A one move wonder problem up the wall to the right, starting on a positive hold in the crack.

Jungle Bloc

1) Tiny Wingspan (sds) V7
Sit start at the small crimp on the left side of the face and then make a big throw to the lip above.

2) Chinese Boxing (sds) ** V6
Start at the good jug low down in the middle of the face. Lift off and move right with difficulty (especially for the tall who will struggle not to dab) to reach good holds on the arête. Finish more easily.

3) Mixed Martian Arts V3
Start matched on a sloper at the right end of the crack. Move left along the crack to top out at its end.

UFO Bloc

1) Hydrogen V3
Start matched in the horizontal crack and throw for the top.

2) Highland Games ** V6
Start on opposing crimps in the roof, get cunning with your feet, and then move through the lip above (pref with a good spotter as a fall could send you flying down the hill below).


1) Exploding Kittens (sds) V3
A left to right traverse along the lip of the bloc.

2) Barking Deer (sds) V5
Sit startat the right side of the face and follow the slabby ramp up its right side.

3) Bubble Echo V2
Climb the large flake.

4) Tricycle Race *** V4
Start beneath the left side of the overhang before making a rising rightwards traverse through the roof.

The Potato

1) Potato Clip V1

2) Freedom Fries ** V4

3) Wedges V5

Stacked Boulder

1) Little Boss ** V3
Start with a pinch on the arete and a small crimp out right. Get established and then throw for the lip before pulling through this to finish.

2) Exodus ** V6
Start low in the middle of the face with an undercut and gaston. Follow the shallow vertical groove above to reach and turn the lip.

3) Migration ** V6
Start with opposing gastons on the right side of the face. Make a difficult move to a positive ledge above before finishing directly above this.

4) Infinite Wave *** V5
Start matched on slopers on the right side of the bloc, just around the corner from the main face. Pull on, make tricky moves around the arête before continuing quickly along the lip to reach the left arête of the main face. Finish above this.

The Hive

1) Meowntain Hardware V2

2) Brush Your Tickmarks (sds) V4
Start on the jug beneath the crack on the right side of the face and make a leftwards traverse across the lip of the boulder

3) Rain Frogs (sds) V2
The ewasy crack on the right side of the bloc

1) Wildebeest V4
Start on holds either side of the horizontal seam and launch for the lip. Bellyflop over this to finish.

2) Sidekick (sds) V7
Start on two low crimps and make dynamic swing / kick out right for footholds before reaching for the lip and finishing more easily

Xmas Bloc

1) Boxing Day (sds) ** V7
Start sat in the niche beneath the roof, at a low hold in the crack. From here, move up to, and then out right along, the ledge before big moves bring positive crimps on the face above. Finish up the face and arête above. Anyone above 5’10” will find it exceptionally hard not to dab on the lower part of this line (if you did, you didn’t send…)

2) Henry Don’t Fall (sds) ** V7
Start as for the previous line but this time move left to a higher hold in the crack before pulling back right on to the face to join the finish of Boxing Bay. Slightly lower (but still exceptionally high) dab potential than the previous line.

3) Ready for Boxing (sds) * V5
Finally a line where dabbing isn’t so much of an issue. Start matched on a small boss on the outermost arete of the boulder,. Move right from here to eventually join and finish up the top part of Henry…

The next two lines are on the face up and left.

4) Drowning Penne V2
Start on the big hold on the right arete. Move left across the face to top out on the left side of the small roof.

5) Stand Under the Apple Tree ** V3
Start near the base of a groove under the left side of the small overhang. Move right across the face to gain the jug at the start of the previous line before finishing directly above this.


1) Don’t Look Up V2

2) Sliver Lining V3

Sensory Bloc

1) 甜  V2

2) 酸  V3

3) 辣  ** V4

4) 苦  V5

Peanut Butter Boulder

1) Morning Bird ** V4
Start matched on the large side pull on the left side of the small bloc. Traverse right to gain the jug on the right arete before throwing right on to the face around the corner to finish up the juggy crack.

2) Morning Worm V3
Start matched on the jug on the right arete and traverse back left across the face.

3) Master Blaster (sds) * V5
Start sat beneath the right face. Using the crack on the right face and, for some unknown reason, an appalling bad crimp on the left face rather than the really positive hold on the arête just right of this (why?). Figure out some dab free beta that allows you to throw for the jug on the arête (the crux) and then finish more easily (but still quite powerfully) up the remainder of the crack.