Clear Water Bay


Sadly it appears that the Golf Club no longer permits access to Promontory Point or Clubhouse Cliffs – unless approaching by boat you’ll probably need to head elsewhere


Located on the edge of Clear Water Bay Country Club these cliffs offer a variety of styles of climbing. Access to the cliffs however can only be gained via Clear Water Bay Country Club (unless coming baby boat and risking a precarious leap on and off the rocks). In order to pass through the grounds of the club it is necessary to obtain prior permission or access with a member. Sadly, all recent attempts to gain permission have been denied so it appears these cliffs may be lost to the climbing community for the time being.


Clearwater Bay AccessThe easiest approach is to take the MTR to Hang Hau Station and get a taxi straight to the club itself. It is possible to get buses etc. closer to the club but ultimately either a taxi or a long walk will be required to reach the club house.

Note: Prior permission from the golf club will be required to access either Clubhouse Cliffs or Promontory Point. Do not try and access either of these cliffs through the golf club without such permission.

Clearwater Bay


Two main climbing areas, with very different route styles, have been developed.

Clubhouse Cliffs
Walk uphill past the club entrance towards a barrier. Continue past the barrier for about 100m until a small road heads back to the right. Follow this until you reach a small hill with a golf green at its bottom (do not walk on the green). Walk around the back of the green and contour around the hillside a short way before heading down, to a small boulder with red paint marks and 2 bolts. It is wise to fix a short rope here, descend to the larger boulders just below and traverse across a short intimidating step beyond which leave the rope and scramble down through a vegetated area. Finally, down climb about 2m and follow an easy ramp to the foot of the cliffs.

Promontory Point
From the club house continue on the road and take the rightwards fork down towards the Marina. Walk along the boat racks in the far side of the Marina towards the island at the far side. Once on the island follow the ridge until you can see a large and impressive zawn. Details of access to the individual route from this point are provided in the guide.

The majority of routes on Clubhouse Cliff rely on traditional protection, although some of the newer climbs have been bolted. All routes on Promontory Point are traditional.

Tai Hang Tun
Also located in the Clear Water Bay area is Tai Hang Tun, a small crag with a handful of routes.


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