Po Toi

Po Toi is one of those areas that gets ‘rediscovered’ once or twice every decade, having an abundance of good quality rock but no well documented information of who has done what and when (I’m sure I used to have an old paper guide for the crags here from the 1980’s but can’t for the life of me find it…)

All previous climbing on the island has primarily adopted traditional ethic without fixed protection so lets try and maintain that approach so we have at least one area of HK that remains bolt free.


Being a remote outlying island, access to Po Toi (unless you have your own boat) needs to be by public ferry from either Aberdeen Harbour or The Blake Pier in Stanley (see maps below for locations).

Note: Ferry times were accurate in May 2020 but should be double checked here to be sure they’re still valid.

Ferries from Stanley:

– Depart Stanley: 13:20
– Depart Po Toi: 12:40

Sundays & Public Holidays
– Depart Stanley: 10:00; 11:30; 15:30; 17:00
– Depart Po Toi: 09:15; 10:45; 15:00: 16:30

Ferries from Aberdeen:

Tuesdays & Thursdays
– Depart Aberdeen: 10:00
– Depart Po Toi: 15:30

– Depart Aberdeen: 10:00; 15:00
– Depart Po Toi: 14:00; 16:00

Sundays & Public Holidays
– Depart Aberdeen: 08:15
– Depart Po Toi:  18:00

Climbing Areas

The existing climbing areas are primarily located on the southeast tip of the island, where abundant clean granitic sea cliffs with reasonable access are present. However, a significant number of small outcrops are also present above the paths leading between the ferry pier and these cliffs and notable potential for further development also exists in the northern part of the island.


Route details will be added as and when I track down the old guide for the area, or after I next visit the island to get some topo shots and reclimb some of the routes so we can confirm grades / details, even if we can’t add the proper names and first ascensionist details yet…

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