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The following PDF downloads are basic guides for a number of the climbing areas in Hong Kong. The guides are all free to download, print and use but please note that their content is copyrighted so they should not be reproduced or distributed for any commercial purposes. The format of the guides is A5 size, so for best results simply print in booklet style in Acrobat and then staple along the spine. Quick. Cheap. Easy.

The guides are essentially a snapshot of the website content, which is a live document on the current known climbing areas in Hong Kong. As such, please feel free to comment below on any typo’s found, disagreements on grades given, improvements in descriptions etc.  You’re also invited to send in any new photos to: for our consideration.

Many people have contributed these guides in some way, shape or form including (amongst others): Martin Lancaster (the original keeper of the knowledge before came into existence); Danny Ng, Rocky Lok, Geoff Breach, Francis Haden, Gianfranco Bigazzi, Alberto Cipriani, Brian Boyd, Karen Chan, Jon Butters, Nick Smith, Brian Boyd, Keith Hazelaar, Dennis Hodgson, Matt Tranter, and many more.

If you find the guides useful, be sure to buy these guys a beer next time you see them.

Routes Guides

Apl Lei Chau (Nov 2019)

Beacon Hill (Nov 2019)

Cape Collinson (Nov 2019)

Central Crag (Nov 2019)

Eagle Crag

Lion Rock

Monkey Buttress (Nov 2019)

Mount Parker (Dec 2019)

Shek O

Sunset Wall (Mar 2020)

Tung Lung (Final) (Nov 2019)

Waterfall Rock (Nov 2019)

Bouldering Guides

Ha Fa Shan

Shek Lung Kung

Radar Rocks

Lin Fa Shan

Colins Boulders

Chung Hom Kok

Lamma Bouldering

Shek O Bouldering

Tai Koo Bouldering

Old Stuff

There’s a copy of the old D.C Reeves Guidebook from the 1960’s here for those interested: DC Reeves Guidebook.


The above guides are intended as aide memoirs to help you get out and enjoy some of the awesome climbing Hong Kong has to offer. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained within them and they should be used entirely at your own risk. If in doubt, hire a professional guide or trust your own instinct…

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[…] Guide Downloads […]


[…] Guide Downloads […]

Bonnie Kit-Yee Yip

Can I purchase this anywhere or should I print them all before I leave Canada?

Michele Dyer
Michele Dyer

Looking great guys!