Middle Hill


The boulders are located at the west stream of Middle Hill (also named as Elephant Hill) 象山西坑 in Kowloon, found and developed by Alex Tsoi, Gordon Hoi, Gary Tsang, Patricia Sum and Matthew Sze.  Middle Hill West Stream is close to the city and easy to access, with a number of easy routes. 


The entry of the stream is next to the Block 3 of HillTop Gardens 海港花園.  You may either take a 33A/33M minibus up there or start hiking from Fu Shan Estate. 


While walking up the stream, you will see the boulders in the following order. 

1) Like You (sds) ** V2
Start matched on the low side pull and throw to the lip.

1) Lover (sds) * V0
Start from an undercling on the left and a side pull on the right. Climb the slab above to finish. 

2) Morning Train (sds) *** V4
Same start as Lover. Make a traverse to a good crimp on the right. Then, make upward moves to finish.  

1) Rock N Roll V1
Start from the good gaston

1) Goodby Ideal (sds) * V1
Start from the edge and get to a jug. Then, top out with the good holds. 

2) (sds) VB
Climb the arête from a sit start

1) The Earth (sds) *** V4
Start with an edge on the right and a crimp under the ceiling. Make either technical or powerful moves to the top. The top out is not easy either. 

1) Armani (sds) V4
Start with two crimp holds. Watch out for your skin when you are trying. 

2) Grey Tracks (sds) V3
Start from the bottom of the edge. Traverse to the left and top out. 

The Great Wall

By far the most impressive of the blocs in the streamline, with several quality impossing lines on it (especially if taken all the way to the top)

1) Glorious Years (sds) *** V3
Start from a jug and make upwards move to the end hold. Top out is not required. 

2) The Great Wall (sds) ** V6
Start as for Glorious Years. Make a traverse to the end hold on the right. Top out is not required.

3) Deliberate (sds) V5
Start with a jug on the right and the arete on the left, and end on the edge. Top out is not required. 

4) Yesterday’s Footstep (sds) V2
Start from an undercling. 

5) sds V1
Start from the arete

1) I Am Angry (sds) V5
Start from a pinch on the arete and an undercling on the right. Make some powerful moves and top out. 

2) Sky (sds) V4
Start with a crimp on the left and a gaston/crimp on the right.

3) Cold Rainy Nights (sds) V3
Start with a mono on the right and a high undercling (the same hold as the right hand start of Sky) on the left. 

4) sds V0

1) Beyond (sds) V5
Start with a gaston and a side pull. Make a powerful move to the top.