Hok Tsui


A small cluster of road side blocs that were initially explored and developed in early 2009 by Rocky Lok, Angel Liu, Lau Koon Hing, Joanna Lam, Ron Chow and crew.


Potentially the shortest access from a road of all blocs in Hong Kong, these boulders are quite literally road side to the point you may need to move your mats if there’s any traffic! Fortunately, the adjacent road is restricted to taxi’s and government vehicles so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Access to the blocs is from Cape D’Aguilar Road, with the blocs located just under 1km down the road from the turning circle used by many as a parking spot.


I’m still checking with those involved exactly what was climbed in 2009. In the meantime here’s some pics of the main blocs. If you climb anything on these then please keep the community updated by sending details to me via the following page: New Routes | hong kong climbing

1) Project (sds)
Sit start beneath the striking prow separating the overhanging face and slab. Follow the crimps along the lip of the overhang until they run out at about two-thirds height. If you can figure put how to tackle the last 0.5m or so of the prow then pat yourself n the back, give the line a name and grade, and then send details to me as you’ve probably just bagged a king ling F.A.!

2) Slab (climbed around 2009 but name / grade etc. TBC)
Climb the slabby face of the bloc, staying slightly left and tip toeing along the lip before crossing the small overlap to finish.

3) Slab (climbed around 2009 but name / grade etc. TBC)
Climb the middle of the slab, fridge hogging the arêtes either side for balance where necessary.