Suicide Wall


To get to Kowloon Peak’s Suicide Wall you need to follow a small dirt track breaking off right from about half way up the access road to No.1 Fei Ngo Shan Road. Follow this up the hill, going to the left when the track splits and continue uphill. When approximately level with the base of Hopeless Buttress the path splits again and another track continues up the hill to the base of Suicide Wall. Approach time approx. 40 minutes. Alternatively, and somewhat easier, take a taxi to the top of Fei Ngo Shan Road and approach the crag from the crest of the hill.

Kowloon Peak Crag Map



1 – Cockscomb – HVD
A wandering climb coming in from the left of Suicide Wall to finish on the left arete of the wall itself. Start at the foot of Suicide Wall, where two ledges lead left, and climb the small wall. From this swing up onto the arete itself and then up to the upper ledge. Climb the wall above to another stance near the broad pinnacle, fro which it is possible to step right to a broad cleft that can be followed back to the arete. Walk out right onto Suicide Wall and climb to the top using either the first or second crack (the latter of which forms the finish of Zig Zag).

2 – Leaning Crack – HS 4b
Start at the very base of Suicide Wall and, as the name suggests, climb the well defined leaning crack up the left hand side of the crag. Finish direct up the wall above the end of the crack.

3 – Zig Zag – S 4a
Start halfway up the gully which bounds the wall, where a thin horizontal crack to the right of some pock marks must be gained. Follow the pock marks to reach a small ledge on the left. Cross the ledge to a series of zig zagging cracks which are followed up the wall, finishing up the direct curving crack above.
F.A. J Ward & J Bunnell (1956)

4 – Cedilla – S 4a
Start a few meters above Zig Zag, where a yellow slab of rock rests against the main crag. Step off the yellow slab and move left into a shallow indentation that leads right. Climb directly up the wall above the indentation to a resting place beneath the top. Finish up the crack above.

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