Radar Rocks


Spread over the largest area of all the boulder groups at Tsuen Wan, Radar Rocks contains a very wide variety of problem styles at nearly all grades.

Radar Rocks (PDF Download)


Follow the approach to Ha Fa Shan until the shelter at the top of the hill. From here turn left and follow a dirt path around a small knoll. Continue along a concreted path up the gently sloping hillside. Approximately 40m past the remains of an old shelter (steel framework remaining) break right along a vague dirt track up a small hill to join the ridge above. Follow the path up the ridge a short way until several other vague dirt paths join it. Follow the right most of these paths up and over the next ridge line towards a grazed piece of hillside containing several grave sites. From beneath the graves either:

a) follow a dirt path down the hillside towards a densely vegetated stream valley. Find a path through the vegetation to the other side of the stream (hint: lower down is better) and then continue back up the hill to the Supersonic Boulder / Lonr Ranger Boulder, or:

b) head up the hill above directly to the Graveyard Boulders and, from approximately twenty metres below these, contour rightwards around the hill to the Trackside Boulders.

The climbing areas:

Supersonic Bloc

Lone Ranger Boulders

The Portal Boulders

Graveyard Boulders