Recent Updates

A quick update on some of the recent updates we’ve added to

Updated Summary Data:

Want a bit more guidance or help to select your crag for the day, then look no further than the updated summary page and HK Graded List here

New Crag Guides:

New/updated pages have now been added for the following

Sunset Wall – new crag

Tate’s Cairn – rediscovered crag

Kai Kung Leng – finally a guide for this bouldering area

Mount Parker – a major new climbing area on HK Island

Garden Buttress – a great little afternoon venue

General Rock – granite slabs anyone?

Morning Buttress – get this roof off-width skills refined

Hero Crag – a lovely crag and boulder set on Ma On Shan

Gog & Magog – One of Kowloon Peaks more interesting, yet sadly under-visited buttresses

Salong Crag – a fine collection of routes above the Gold Coast

Black’s Link – updated info to capture all developments, trad and sport

Sai Kung Crags – initial updates for Spider Rock and Pak Tam Wall. Info here is very limited so if anyone has good topo photos or more recent data, let us know.

Massive thanks to everyone who contributed to these, especially Bob Moseley, Rocky Lok, Ray Lee and Jack Lin

We also know there’s some issues with the route descriptions for Devil’s Peak (thanks to Bob again for his on-going help in figuring out what goes where here – its all got a bit confusing with routes criss-crossing each other now) and the lower walls of Sea Gully, which we’re doing our best to research and sort out

Refreshed Forum Interface:

We’ve recently upgraded out WordPress subscription to a more costly version that facilitates plug-in’s. As such, a bb2 Forum interface has been added here to make this more user-friendly.

Updated Mini-Guides:

A number of free to download and use refined/new mini-guides have been uploaded here. For best results, print these Booklet style in Adobe Acrobat and then simply fold and staple along the spine. Bingo! Your own ready to go guidebooks!

Climbing Wall Update

Updated summary of all the climbing gyms in HK – damn there’s a lot of them now! See here for details

General Updates:

We’re also in the process of updating all crag approach maps etc. If you have any suggestions for refinement of these (or any other updates) be sure to let us know at

Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll keep adding / refreshing content over the months to come

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