Crag Map


The reproduction of any of the maps or topos contained within these pages for commercial use is strictly prohibited, although printing for personal use is acceptable.

Route Climbing Areas:

Grade Summary

Grade Summary

  • Mount Nicholson
  • Mount Stenhouse
  • Po Pin Chau
  • Po Toi
  • Shek O
  • Siu Lek Yuen
  • Tai Hang Tun
  • Temple Crag
  • Tung Lung Chau

Grade Summary - TL

  • Waterfall Rock

Bouldering Areas:


The inclusion of an area within these pages does not mean that you have the right of access to it or the right to climb upon it. Having said this, the majority of climbing areas described are located within open countryside and, as such, access should not be a problem. Please take all litter etc. away with you and leave the areas either as you found them or in better condition.


The descriptions and gradings of the routes and boulder problems in this guide are recorded for historical reasons only and no reliance should be placed on their accuracy. Routes relying on traditional (natural) protection have been assigned British Traditional Grades, bolted routes have been graded in accordance with the French Sport Climbing Grades. Boulder problems have been given British Technical Grades, tentative efforts at assigning American V bouldering grades have also been made, however, in the absence of people with extensive experience with this system a period of refining will almost certainly be required.  See Grade Comparison Tables

New Routes

Please send us details of any new routes, newly developed areas or any errors you find within these pages so that the information provided can be kept as accurate and up to date as possible.

Old Stuff

There’s a copy of the old D.C Reeves Guidebook from the 1960’s here for those interested: DC Reeves Guidebook.


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