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  1. Hey, nice to be back in Hong Kong. Just on my way through, doing some stuff. I’ll be in Yangshuo from Dec15 to Dec26 if anyone wants a catch.
    The website is looking very tidy. Nice work. I might see some of you on my way back, if I’m not destroyed. I was thinking maybe Saturday 29 Dec.

  2. Hello, I will be in Hong Kong for the first time from December 13 to December 22nd. I would like to rockclimb outside one or two days with someone who knows the area and can lead. I will have shoes and a harness only. If interested, send me an email at
    Thank you,

    Saw the new bolts at Tec Wall right side. Nice and new, was wet and did climb. I did not put all the original one as the guide said. Varies people did, Ming. Gweilo, Ah Lone… a long list of climbers. I thought the original bolts are to be remove and then the same hole to be use again?? The sleeve type bolts for this reason. Gweilo ( Hing) has removed the bolts from Kung Fu without and problem. What ever done can not be change. I think should use the original holes at the remaining climb. From Purple Heart to the right of Kung Fu….? The glue in bolts should shank in the rock with only a C expose to prevent salt and moisture stay on the ring. And quick lower off is the new standard for anchors and should be replaced as before.

  4. Hi, I will be in HK Dec 10-18 and want to do some climbing. I would love to do some multi-pitch around 6a, 6b level. Anyone be free during that time frame?

  5. Hi
    I’m visiting Hong Kong with a non-climbing friend for one week next week. Would be keen to try out the climbing – just need a partner! Will bring shoes, harness and quickdraws but not wanting to bring a rope for the luggage allowance so ideally someone who has one. Normally lead around 6a. I’m available from Sunday 2nd to Sunday 9th. Let me know if your around and fancy buddying up – Cheers Jo

    • Hi Johanna, I tried emailing you at that address, but got a couple bounce messages. Do you have a number?

  6. Anyone up for some climbing sunday 25th of november? Indoor or outdoor depending on the rain 🙂
    I’m in Hong Kong till thursday. Have my shoes with me.

    • Hey Guiz,

      I just arrived in HK and have been wanting to climb, looking at indoors given the rain this week. if you’re around let me know, I’m heading over to the da Verm gym today and probably tomorrow to check it out (possibly Just Climb gym as well).,


      • Hi Tyler,
        Unfortunately I’m leaving tomorrow and I have some work to finnish today so I won’t be able to come climbing 😦
        I went to Just Climb gym on monday, it is nice and the staff is friendly. I can’t compare to Da Verm, but I enjoyed my visit in Just Climb 🙂

  7. Hi there,
    Is there any bouldering near Sai Kung?
    I am living inTai Mong Tsai and looking for something nearby … Can’t see anything in the guide but hoping there may be something close by?

    • Not really established bouldering problems but huge amounts of opportunity. Close by we have Spider Rock and Pak Tam Wall. Both have established lower offs for top roping and roped solo and tons of opportunities around the base of the climbs for some bouldering. Also near Spider there is a crag very overgrown but good potential. Out near waterfall there is huge amounts of untried stuff in addition to the established routes.

      • Thanks a million Stuart.
        Any chance you could message me with a grid ref for Spider Rock and Pak Tam Wall? I don’t know either of them… Are they easy enough to find?
        Have been to Waterfall and thought it was an amazing crag…

        • No problem. I live out at Pak Tam Chung. Spider is at 2290 7980 on the western flank of Tai Tun.You can walk in either from Pak Tam Chung car park or the war memorial. If you are living in Tai Mong Tsai village, go out into the car park next to the small restaurants and look north up the hill. Pak Tam Wall is on the path between Lung Hang and Ngau Yee Shek Shan (2390 3145). Approach it through Pak Tam farm, the rehab farm. But its a bit tricky finding the start of the path in there. I live at Pak Tam Chung so if you want help finding them give me a shout.

  8. Does anyone have a link to the PDF for the 1968 book “A Guide To Rock Climbing in Hong Kong” by D.C. Reeve? I downloaded it from a link on the old forum, but the file became corrupted, and the link is not on this forum anymore. It would be tragic to loose that such an excellent reference to the history of climbing in Hong Kong. It’s also a fantastic reference for Trad Climbers since the 400+ routes in the book were all established before sport climbing came into existence.

    • Presumably you have a copy of Brian Heard’s book. It mentions the two earlier guide books from 1959 and 1968 and details a lot of the trad routes that had been put up to that time. Haven’t seen the earlier ones so don’t know if they had a lot of stuff that BH omitted

  9. Hello climbing forum.

    Any advice here would be appreciated. Just moved to Shenzhen and looking to get a slackline set up together. Figure Hong Kong is going to be the place for this.

    Already tried my luck searching the net for climbing stores and tried checking out Mongkok but found the place very overwhelming. A few of the climbing shops I’ve visited were small and definitely didn’t have any webbing long enough. Going to need about 75m of webbing.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Contact Ricardo Iriarte via Facebook, he may be out of town, but knows some folks doing it. 75m…really?

  10. Does anyone know where in HK I can buy a backpack / carrier for carrying my 6 month old baby on my back for hiking?. In particular I think I would like to buy a Macpac Vamoose or Papoose but open to other brands as well… Thanks.

    • Howard, I haven’t found any in Hong Kong, but there are online retailers that hu can find overseas. I would recommend the Osprey Poco or Deuter Kid Comfort product lines they are both outstanding.

      • Thanks James and O. I really wanted to try thema few on in the shop before buying so maybe RC can help there…

        If anyone has one they want to sell on to me second hand that would be great as well…

  11. Hello All HK climbers,

    I am visiting Hong Kong from Dec 8th to Jan 1st. Want to see anyone can show me somewhere to do outdoor climbing in Hong Kong.
    Please reply to this wall or email me at



  12. Hello guys,
    I will be dropping by hk for some hiking and I intend to throw in some climbing days too. Flexible between Dec 3 – dec 12. I have my shoes harness and chalk with me. I usually climb about 6a. Would love the outdoors! Anybody can show me around drop me an email? Thanks!

  13. Hello HK Climbing community and visitors,

    I will be visiting Hong Kong either most of the 2nd half of November or From the end of November to the end of December. I am looking to climb (was just in New England/USA) as much as I can as it has been a few months. Did some multipitch, bouldering, top roping with friends all around New England, I mostly followed, no leading experience yet. If anyone is willing to show a newcomer to any type of climbing (indoor/outdoor) I’m open to belaying and following. I have shoes, chalk, harness and some lock caribiners. Looking to learn more about climbing and hoping again to climb as much as possible. Feel free to email me at, look forward to seeing what HK has to offer! Cheers,

  14. Hi guys,
    I’ve just arrived in HK for several days at the end of a 4 month trip through Asia climbing in some amazing places. I’ve been very lucky to find climbing partners everywhere and wonder if I could tag along with anyone who may be climbing this week. Happy to make my own way anywhere anyones heading. Would love to see something other than buildings in this city! gavin.lovett at if anyone can help.
    Cheers, Gavin

  15. Has anyone climbed Aardclimb on Mt Stenhouse? Went today, found and cleaned the first pitch but the second was a little epic and resulted in abing off. Anyone done this. Would be interested in any comments

    • Climb this few years ago. The corner crack is pretty overgrown with vegetation and mud at that time, still has some place for friends placement. Nice belay under the huge ceiling. The last pitch is a bit tricky and belayer cannot see leader. The climb end up in bushes, though not too far from the trail. Gardening tools recommended.

      • Went up years ago with Martin Lancaster – experience as per Ali’s above, though IIRC Martin persevered and we got up. There may be some newer stuff on the left, courtesy of Paul Collis?

  16. i’m going to be in Kowloon next to the north side of King’s Park in early December for a few days. mostly i only have 1 or 2 days to climb. i’m only looking for bouldering, so where is the closest area for bouldering to King’s Park? i know about the YMCA wall, but am looking for real rock, real bouldering. PLEASE HELP! thanks so much!

    • i’m just following up: does anyone have info RE: bouldering near-ish King’s Park/Kowloon central?

      • Don’t know of any bouldering in Kowloon. Closest great bouldering is probably Lamma (ferry from Central), or at various places in Hong Kong Island, with Shek O (cab / bus from Central) probably by far the most popular.

        • David
          Thanks for the reply: I appreciate it. I think if I wasn’t a 1st-timer to HK or had more time, I’d def go out to Lamma.
          I’ve looked around at diff info for the various HK climbing, and now I am thinking to just train/taxi/bus/walk up to Lion Rock area. Even as a walk, it’s only about 1 hr from King’s Park, Kowloon, according to the maps/Google, and finding it and accessing looks fairly simple, especially from King’s Park. Plus, it looks like there’s plenty of bouldering and no-rope messing around available there.
          This should be a fun jaunt for about 5-6 hours! Then back to the hotel for meetings in the evening, ha!

  17. Hi Guys,

    Chinese born Canada heading to HK for the first time. Looking for fellow climbers to do indoor/outdoor rock. I’m experienced with outdoor but I’m only bringing shoes and chalk bag. If anyone is free and wants explore HK rock in the month of November, contact me.
    Skill: 5.10 – 5.11
    I want to climb often as possible and I’ll be free for most of November. Anyone want to show a first timer to HK rock or visiting too? Contact me!
    – Corey

  18. Hey guys,

    Passing through HK on the way to Singapore (evening of Nov 6th to evening of 8th) and would love to get a day or two of climbing in. Bringing a rope and draws and looking for partners. Currently working 6b/6c and stoked to check out what Hong Kong has to offer. My email is Get in touch if you want to go out climbing!

  19. Hello!
    I’m a Swedish climber since 15 years, I’m here visiting friends and it would be cool to go climbing especially in the week days when they’re working (and this Sunday too). Unfortunately I only brought my climbing shoes (but I’m up for buying a new harness and chalk bag :)). So I can’t contribute any equipment – but I’ll help to carry…

    I like any style of climbing; sport/trad/boulder. I don’t climb so hard these days, my comfort grades are F6a-6b (sport), F5’s (trad), F5’s (boulder).
    The dates I’m avaliable is: 4-8 Nov.
    My HK telephone number is: +852 6747 6985
    My mailadress is jennykorlingmaildotcom

    Many thanks!

  20. I will be in HK from 11 dec – 25 dec for holiday and I really want to try the crags in Hong Kong. I will be daily available to climb! The only thing is that I will not bring my rope and quickdraws. In case of bad weather I’m also in for a indoor climb or boulder. You can contact me by email

  21. The crags are still open, but are a bit tricky to find. Easiest is to go from admiralty station and catch a taxi to dynasty court on old peak road, walk up the hill for a hundred metres or so to a pagoda.this is the start of the trail.follow this for 10 minutes or so, following the mesh fence up a step set of stone stairs, continue to follow the fence line until you get to a wooden ladder.this is your entry point to the crags.
    From memory at the top of this you follow the trail right to Austin powers and when you come across a climbing rope to assist up a scramble this is your entry point to SoHo crags.
    I hope this helps,I was there a couple of Weeks ago and the crags were still open.
    Good luck!

  22. Hi, does anyone now where I can do a course level 2 with an english speaking instructor?

  23. Chi Ma Wan / Temple Crag Area Colombarium Developemnt
    A large-scale colombarium development proposed for the Chi Ma Wan peninsula – directly visbibly from Temple Crag & the cycling trail. Planning applications ARE influenced by the NYMBER of objections received – follow the link below and register your comments. Something like:
    I object to the the application to rezone the site from “Green Belt” to “Government, Institution or Community (1)” because: –
    A). The area is scenic, remote and is inaccessible by public transport except a footpath from Ham Tin through South Lantau Country Park.
    B). Hikers, walkers, swimmers etc highly value its natural beauty, tranquility, habitat and clean air. Hong Kong should take pride in this and not allow it to be ruined.
    C). Green Belt zones should be protected and not turned into a development project.
    D). The rezoning will kill animals and plants
    E). The path to the site is narrow and there is no road access – making it inaccessible to emergency vehicles in the event of a fire or other disaster or accident.
    F). It makes no sense! Hong Kong should do it’s uptmost to protect our beautiful areas – we don’t have many left!!
    All objections must be received before 2/11/2012


  24. Hello!

    I’m in HK for a week, just wondering if anyone would like to go for a climb. I’m climbing at 6b+/c, and have my sport gear with me!

    • Looks like the central crags are closed due to new slope stability works? Can anyone confirm this? I went by there randomly just hoping to run into a party and either got lost and couldn’t find the access scramble or I got cold feet about the trail!

      If anyone wants to go climbing this weekend let me know! +85261881352

      I’m climbing at 6B/C


      • I commented in the wrong place. Please see the post from me today for instructions to central crags.

        • Thanks for your reply! Thanks also to the guy that called me! I’ve had a blast in HK and ill post here again when I return!

  25. Hello fellows,
    I am available to climb this Wednesday or this Thursday, anywhere you want.
    You can call me at 9642 4960 to set up a meeting !

  26. HK climbing

    hello, i just moved to HK. what are the 2 best gyms to climb at? i’m staying in DB. also, i’d like to find partners climb outdoors. i used to boulder and sport climb 5 years ago and been climbing off and on in the last year. i’m an average climber – probably climbing V2/5.10 at the moment. anyone? thanks

  27. WARNING: the bees are attacking on Lion Rock’s grassy approach slope accessing the first pitch of Gweilo. The brush is thick and some bees are taking advantage by making a new home there, so please avoid them by climbing the warm up pitch from the trail. I was walking up the slope this morning (Oct. 17) and was set upon by a swarm. Got stung on the butt, arms, leg, chest and right earlobe. It hurt, but I’m not allergic, so we still had an enjoyable 5 pitches!

  28. Hi, I`m a climber from spain who has moved to HK for work till december. I would like to enjoy climbing here. If anybody need a partner please contact me. I have climbed until 7b but I enjoy climbing 5+ as well. I brought my shoes and harness.

    • Hey Dani, I’m going to be in HK for a few days so Fri – Mon. Would like to climb one of those days on the rock at Tung Lung Chau if you’re keen. I’m a pretty now sports climber only doing, 5.10 stuff. Whatever that is in Euro scales. I’ve got all the gear for sports climbing. no phone though, send me an email at, cheers!

  29. Hello everyone, : ) me and another climber are climbing at the Central Crags Tue and Wed(first time climbing in HK) (I can climb Thu and Fri mornings too and need a partner). Any recommendations of must-do classics (and crags to avoid)? I can sport/trad/boulder. Thanks! And if you ever come to climb at Squamish, Canada, let me know and I’ll gladly tour you. Joe 64988762

  30. hi, i’m alessandro, from italy, there is the possibility to rent any equipment?
    I discovered that it was possible to climb in HK whenit was too late and i don’t want to buy everythng twice, since I’ll stay here only six months!
    let me know!
    Ps: climbing partners are more than welcome!

  31. I’ll be in Hong Kong and interested in climbing Oct 12th – Oct 18th. I will have a 70m rope, a double rack of cams, some wires and a dozen quickdraws. Shoot me a message if you want to get out!

  32. Hi, I am from Singapore, visiting HK to climb in november. May I know where are the best gear shops around Kowloon or Hong Kong Island? Want to buy a new pair of climb shoes, heard HK is where I can get it cheaper. Am looking at evolv, rock pillars or 5-10.

  33. Hi there! : ) I’m Joe, coming from Vancouver, BC to visit Hong Kong Oct 6-21, 2012. I run the Vancouver Rock Climbing Group and climb at Squamish a lot. I took a look at the pics of the rocks in Hong Kong and they are amazing! Would love to meet some local climbers and route developers and maybe climb 1/2 days at sport 7a+ and easier. I’ll bring my all my sport climbing gear including my rope (unfortunately have to run many other errands during my trip). Joe

  34. Hi there!
    Im visiting HK for the first time 1/10-10/10 and would love to climb over there. I´ve been climbing for about 9-10 months here in Sweden, a few times outdoors but mostly indoors. My highest wish is climbing outdoor, (indoor works as well). I have my own shoes, harness, carbine, controller/rope grab and chalk.

    Im looking for a partner/outdoor course/etc. Gratefull for answers ASAP and for all the tips I can get!
    Greetings Marita

    • if you have the chance, come to germany/belgium/luxembourgh to climb. the crags are very eligible for beginners. my favorite is berdorf (luxembourg) there are over 100 routes in the grades 3’s – 8’s. most routes are 6’s. it are all sport routes.

  35. Hi all, I’m looking for a trad beginner course in HK between 9-25th Nov when visiting family. Have been sport climbing casually for a year and would be interested in trying trad. If there aren’t any courses, would be happy to hire a guide for a few days. Please does anyone have any contacts? I speak Cantonese and English. Replies to this thread will be forwarded to my email. Thank you!

  36. looking for climbing partner to explore the local boulders or crags!

    I will be in Hong Kong till Oct. 2!
    I climb sports at around 5.10!
    Contact me at 59747806!
    I’m free all week!

    • Hi! New to HK. I am looking for a partner for Beacon Hill this weekend. Have rope and draws. No phone yet, but a reply here will forward to my email.

  37. A group of us were at Beacon Hill last Saturday, and we recovered two quickdraws that had been left on the rock. If they belong to anyone, please let me know so that I can get them back to you. Thanks!

  38. Hi guys,
    I am a student studying in CUHK on exchange for the semester. I climb a lot at home in the Northeast U.S. (Rumney Crag in NH), and would love to get out while I am in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring everything, so I only have personal stuff (harness,shoes,biners,atc) and would need a partner with gear. I climb 10’s mostly at home which I guess is 6b/5c in the French/British ratings systems (source: wikipedia, I have no idea what they use here). So yeah pretty casual just looking to have a blast and see HK from a different perspective. Also I just miss climbing a lot.

  39. Hi, I’m going to be in HK visiting (non climber) friends from 30 Sep – 3 October… looking for a climbing fix whilst I am here! I wondered where to head and who with if I only have a day to spare? – happy with trad, sport or bouldering. Look forward to hearing your suggestions!

  40. Hi guys,
    I am looking into heading to hk from dec 3 for about maybe 2 weeks (undecided) and looking to do some climbing around tung lung island and lion rock and any other place that is recommended :). I climb anything up to about 7a right now. Looking for a partner etc 🙂

  41. Hi All,

    My name is Doris. I’m from California (born in Hong Kong) and I am visiting HK til Oct 10, 2012. I’m looking for partners to explore some of the local crags (trad or sport is fine). I have been climbing (traditional) for about 4 years, mostly in the Sierras (Yosemite, Tuolumne, Tahoe, etc) and had climbed all over the west coast. I bought my shoes and harness but not my gear. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

    Happy Climbing!


    • Hi Doris,
      I am also looking for climbing partner in HK. I have the gear, but I just moved here, so don’t know the local crags. If you want to meet up at Da Verm some time this week, just let me know. Maybe we can get someone from the gym to take us out to the Central crags. mobile9736 8290

      • Hello Bryant,
        I’m planning to go climbing with a friend from the States on Sep 23 (Sun). Location is TBD. If you are interested, let me know.

        • hey Doris,

          I am from Vancouver, Canada and visiting Hong Kong till Oct. 2. I have been climbing for the last year or so and climb about 5.10 as well. Any chance I can tag along? I didn’t bring any gear with me, but I will be hitting the local climbing shops this afternoon.

          let me know! You can reach me at 59747806. Or email me keding.z@gmail….

      • Hi I’m a climber from Hong Kong who just moved back from the UK. Currently I don’t have a climbing partner and I’m keen to climb! Have all the gear (and might have some spare for lending). Happy to climb sports or trad. I’m free all day from 30Sep to 2Oct, and morning till early afternoon on 29Sep. Otherwise I’m also free on most weekends after that.
        Let me know. 51883390/jamestheyip@hotmail dot com

  42. From 11 dec till 25 dec I will be in HKG. Anyone want to meet up to climb? I usually climb outdoors in Belgium/Luxembourg/France and indoor training at Europe’s biggest artificial wall in Amsterdam. My climbing grades are around 5c-6a. Would be fun if we could organize a day to climb with a group. However december is still far away, but it can’t hurt to organize it in advance.

  43. Highly concern the development on the slops of central crag, I hope government would consider our needs.

    • Jeremy. The company managing these works sent a letter to HKMU on 13 August 2012 so it would be good if you or anyone you know actively involved with the HKMU could make sure they follow up on this matter too. Its likely that a sanctioned organisation can have more impact than members of the general public.

      FYI, below is the enquiry i sent to the Civil Engineering and Development Department regarding this matter:

      Dear Sir

      During a recent visit to Central Crags (also known as Seymor Cliffs) to go rock climbing I noted a warning sign regarding Slope Stabilisation works proposed within this area under the captioned LPMit Works Contract.

      The area in which these works are proposed forms a valuable recreational facility for the rock climbing community in Hong Kong (please refer to the following web page for details: and considerable time, effort and money has been invested in the development of these cliffs to provide a safe, accessible and popular climbing area. Indeed the quality of the climbing at Central Crags has been recognised internationally, with the cliffs featured in several overseas climbing magazines and books (such as:

      In light of the highly frequented nature of these cliffs, with multiple climbing parties visiting most weekends (especially during the winter months), the climbing community in Hong Kong are keen to know the details of the proposed slope stabilisation works on the cliffs. Specifically whether any of the proposed works will affect the existing climbing areas developed on the cliffs and, if so, the locations and nature of the works proposed and the technical justification for their need.

      Rock climbers have been visiting and exploring these cliffs for a number of years, reaching areas that would not normally be accessible to Engineers conducting their hazard assessment works. As such we have an intimate knowledge of the area and may be able to provide valuable feedback regarding both the stability of the rock faces and the works you are proposing to conduct on them. Indeed, many of the climbers frequenting the area are experienced Geotechnical Engineers / Engineering Geologists (myself included) and have detailed knowledge of rock mechanics and natural terrain hazards.

      Whilst we strongly support the CEDD’s drive to ensure slope safety in Hong Kong, we are keen to ensure this is achieved in a manner that is sympathetic to the users of Hong Kong’s valuable natural resources (in the case the rock climbing community). As such we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide our valuable feedback on the works proposed for these rock faces.

      Yours sincerely

      Stuart Millis
      BSc MSc CEng CGeol MIMMM RPE(G)

      • See below for the response from the people managing these works – seems like they’re happy to work with us on this:

        Dear Stuart ,

        Thank you for your preceding email regarding the proposed rock/boulder stabilization works to be carried out at the natural hillside near Seymour Cliff.

        Please be advised that the NTHS for this study area identified unstable rock/boulder field at the hillside and these rocks/boulders might pose an unacceptable risk to nearby residents and trails users and might cause damage to the property within close proximity. Under the Contract, detailed rock/boulder survey would be undertaken to determine/review the necessity of provision of rock/boulder stabilization works at Seymour Cliff and its vicinity below Lugard Road. According to the latest works programme, the above survey would be completed by March 2013. The concerned areas would remain open to all members of public until the start of stabilization works.

        The areas requiring rock stabilization works would be fenced off, where appropriate, for the sake of public safety during construction. The rock/boulder stabilization works are anticipated to commence in March 2013 and will take about 12 months to complete.

        We would endeavor to minimize the potential impact on the established rock climbing routes at the cliffs when prescribing the rock/boulder stabilization work. We greatly appreciate your offer to share your valuable knowledge of mountain/rock climbing at the areas at Seymour Cliffs. We may approach you in due course.

        Future correspondence and information update to the HKMU regarding this matter will be copied to you via your email account If you have any question, please feel free to contact me at 98668796 or via my email account

        Victor Leung
        SRE for Contract No. GE/2011/24

  44. Proposed ‘Slope Stabilisation’ works at Central Crag: I’m sure a few others will have noticed the recently erected signs on the approach to Central Crag informing us that the Government intends to carry out slope stabilisation works throughout the entire area. In response to this I’ve recently sent an enquiry to the CEDD requesting details of the works so that we can review them (myself and several other climbers are experienced engineers that do this kind of thing for a living) and try to ensure that any works are: a) necessary: and b) carried out in manner thats sympathetic to the climbing developed at the crag. Will keep you posted once i get a response from them.
    Cheers, Stuart

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