Climbing Courses

Here’s some general information we’ve put together on how to get started climbing in Hong Kong…

Beginner’s Courses

Whilst everything you need to learn about climbing can be taught by an experienced climber on a day out to the crag, this is a time consuming process which can place a substantial burden on the person teaching you. We would therefore recommend completing a basic training course so that the fundamentals of climbing safely are already known to you when you head outside.
At present there are three main bodies organising training course for complete novices to climbing. Details of each of the course are provided below and explanations of some of the technical terms used can be found lower down the page.

da Verm t: 2803 0567
This all inclusive climbing gym in Sai Ying Pun offers bouldering, top rope and lead climbing for all  levels of climbers.  Their courses include: introduction to climbing, equipment usage, warm up and stretching exercises, basic climbing technique, and climbing sessions.

YMCA t: 2782 6682 | Contact: Mr Sammy Lee
The course run by the YMCA at their outdoor climbing wall at Kings Park – close to Jordan MTR Station – is one of the most accessible and well set up courses for novices in Hong Kong. The course covers all of the basic facets of climbing such as tying on, belaying and lead climbing and once completed you are allowed access to the wall at any time within the scheduled opening hours. The cost of the course is currently around $270.

Hong Kong Moun
taineering Union (中文) t: 2576 6532
This course has a similar scope to that of the YMCA but has, in the past, suffered from lengthy waiting lists and infrequent courses. Unfortunately, the HKMU website is not very well set up for non-Chinese readers so we are unaware of the current situation. Upon successful completion of the course you are allowed access to the government climbing walls at Shep Kip Mei and Shun Lee Tsuen Sport Centres, although these must be booked in advance.

Advanced Courses

More advanced climbing courses for things such as leading on natural protection (traditional climbing) or rock rescue techniques are organised by Paradigm Consultants Ltd. The courses aren’t particularly cheap but the level of teaching outstanding and the staff are highly experienced.

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The Hong Kong Climbing School offers outdoor rock climbing courses as well as guided trips for beginners and advanced climbers alike. Check out for details.

MIss Yan

Is there any climbing courses in HK Island? If so, please give details.

Moody Tang

Have you contacted da Verm (indoor climbing)?