Two New F8b’s

Nikolai Ng on Local Spirit

Nikolai Ng on Local Spirit

Well it seems the climbing season in 2013 has got off to a flying start with two new F8b’s added in the space of one month.  Not bad considering that before Jan 2013 there were only in two F8b’s in the whole of HK anyway…

The first route comes courtesy of Rocky Lok and climbs the wall right of Lizard Family at Beacon Hill.  Not many details known at present but its called ‘Mission is Possible’, was climbed on 13 Jan 2013 and Rocky considers it to be a proper F8b, which translates as damn hard…

The second one came from Nikolai Ng, who dispatched Laurent Jacob’s project at Forgotten Buttress up at Central Crag thus creating ‘Local Spirit’.  Laurent equipped this stunning route a while back but unfortunately had to leave HK before he could complete the send.  Nikolai then topped off a good day by grabbing a quick tick (first try) of Alliance, the F8a that breaks out left from Local Spirit at half height to link up with the top of Backyard (F7c) .

Well done guys. We look forward to seeing what comes next.

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