The Watchtower

The marine reserve at Hoi Ha has long attracted hikers for the scenic beaches and trails in this far flung corner of Sai Kung. Well, now climbers have a reason to visit too with the recently developed Watchtower providing a great new spot for a bit of sport climbing, and even bouldering (although the landings for the latter are a bit sucky).

Check out the guide details at the link here to see what has been established, as well as the video of Dennis Kwok bagging the first ascent of what could well be HK’s best F7c, The Scorpion;

Note: There is still one remaining Closed Project bolted at this crag which had to be left unclimbed at present as there is a snake (potentially a Red Necked Keelback (i.e. highly venomous) resident in the crack beneath the roof. Please respect both the snake as well as the time, effort and money put into bolting and developing this crag and leave this line alone until further notice.

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