Lone Ranger Boulder

Lone Ranger Boulders

The Lone Ranger Boulders comprise the collection of large boulders situated on the ridgeline, overlooking all other areas at Radar Rocks. This group of boulders includes a fine selection of problems at all grades.

Radar Rocks


Screenshot 2019-09-14 at 11.21.40 AM

1) Scooped Wall ** VB
The scooped wall on the back face of the boulder.

2) Into The Groove ** VB
The groove line just left of the big split.

3) Blunt Rib Wall _ V0
Somewhat of an eliminate, squeezed in between the adjacent two lines. The narrow wall between the groove and the rib.

4) Blunt Rib ** V0
The blunt rib on the lefthand side of the back face of the boulder.

5) Bloodsport * VB
The crack just down the hill from Blunt Rib.

6) Scenic Wall ** V0
The wall just left of the crack.

Screenshot 2019-09-14 at 11.23.42 AM

1) Snap, Cackle and Pop ** V2
The thin crack on the righthand side of the face.

2) Angels Wall ** V7
Start at the short vertical crack and, using pebbles and pockets to the left, climb the middle of the gently overhanging wall.

3) High Silver *** V6
Pockets and crimps up the wall right of the arete, avoiding holds on the arete itself.

3a) Low Silver (sds) *** V8
The sit start to High Silver is both fierce and excellent. Start directly beneath the arete and throw to pockets on this before joining, and finishing up, High Silver.

4) Phantom Pregnancy *** V3
A hard start is followed by a scary finish. The righthand side of the arete.

4a) Abortion (sds) *** V6
The sit start to Phantom Pregnancy, using the same holds as Low Silver.

5) Ping Pong ** V2
The slabby wall just left of the arete.

6) Retribution Rib *** V1
Good but scary! The rib just left of the big split.

7) Hong Kong Phoey * V1
The steep left hand arete, on its righthand side.

8) Impending Doom ** V3
Straight up the centre of the blank looking face via an assortment of small crimps and side pulls.


9) Pockets of Resistance *** V3
The steep wall on small pockets and pebbles is a contender for the best problem on the boulder. A classic.

10) Ramble On * VB
Amble up the righthand arete of the wall, starting from the nearby boulder.

Screenshot 2019-09-14 at 11.30.38 AM

1) Diamond Slab * VB
The centre of the gentle slab.

2) Elemental (sds) * V1
The overhanging side of the slabs left arete.

3) High Rise * V0
The steep, intimidating arete, on its left side.

Screenshot 2019-09-14 at 11.33.09 AM

4) Russian Roulette * V3
From the right side of the wall follow a left trending line, past a good undercut (beware – this is coming loose) to the top.

5) Mass Destruction (sds) ** V4
The short overhanging arete provides fun moves low down and a somewhat challenging finish.

6) Zig-Zag * VB
Follow the zig-zagging cracks up the short wall.

7) VB
The left hand arete.