A small area located adjacent to the track leading between the Graveyard Boulders and Colin’s Boulders. 

Radar Rocks

Trackside (Right)

1) V1 *
The right arete of the wall.

2) Diamond Eye ** V4
Step off the slab to reach a good crimp with the right and poor left hand hold. Finish directly above these.

3) Diamond Eye (sds) ** V6
Sit start at the arête and make hard moves out left to gain the start holds on Diamond Eye. Finish up this.

4) Bamboo (low start) ** V6
The centre of the gently overhanging wall yields via rough crimps and slopers.

5) Bamboo (sds) ** V9
As above but starting even lower down on worse holds and making an extra desperate move to get your butt off the floor and reaching in to the start holds of Bamboo.

6) Squeeze (sds) ** V3
The short overhanging corner.

7) Haruka (sds) ** V7
Start at the arête as for Diamond Eye (sds) but instead of finishing up this, move further left from the stand start holds to join the upper part of Bamboo, which is followed to the top.

8) La Rose et le Bamboo (sds) ** V8
An even longer and harder extension to Haruka, which is climbed to the join with Bamboo but then continued even further left to finish up the crack corner of Squeeze.

Trackside (Left)

9) V2 *
From good crimps, rock up to the gaping crack and finish up this.

10) Slap Happy ** V4
From a good side pull and crimp, pull through the bulge and finish direct up the wall above.

11) Jacobs Ladder (sds) ** V3
Start sat in the low groove. Reach up and right to good holds in the right trending seam. Follow this till it peters out then finish direct.

12) Groove Train (sds) ** V3
Start sat in the low groove. Reach up and right to good holds at the start of the right trending seam. Finish direct above these.

13) Trackslab – VB
Pad up the slabby left hand end of the wall.