Rhino Skin Solutions now available in HK

HongKongClimbing’s Rhino and Skin Care Stash!

With climbing season starting and people hitting the crags on a much more frequent basis, skin care could likely become a deciding factor in whether or not you get that send.

Tip the scales in your balance by using Rhino Skin Solutions to help keep those tips in ‘tip top’ shape, get it 🙂

This is now easy to do as we’re happy to announce that Climb Shop HK have recently set themselves up as the HK Distributor for this great product, which after over a year of regular use, we fully endorse. So much so that we’ve even helped them set up a page on hongkongclimbing.com for you to place your orders!

You can also check the latest stock situation and offers on the Climb Shop HK IG page here and get more info on the Rhino products from the main website (click on the logo below).

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