Rhino Skin Solutions

Tested by endurance and power athletes, alpinists, yogis, rock climbers, skiers and cyclists, Rhino Skin Solutions has proven itself time and again to speed recovery and extend performance. Rhino sets itself apart from other skin care products in a few ways.  All Rhino Skin Solutions products are non-greasy.  Apply Rhino products and go about your day.  No need to wait for it to absorb or dry out.


Repair |
Recovery |

Designed with a high percentage of essential oils and nutrients, Rhino Repair Cream supports connective tissue health and durability through a non-greasy skin conditioner.

Directions: Wash and dry hands immediately after climbing. Apply 1 pump  to hands, feet or area needed, rub in until absorbed. Reapply as necessary.

3.5 oz $150
8 oz $250


Antiperspirant |
Durability |

Dry hands with no cracks or splits.

Performance skin conditioner decreases sweat and increases durability. It helps maintain tough, dry, durable skin.

Directions: Wash hands, apply one pump three days a week. Let absorb for eight hours. For increased effectiveness apply up to five days in a row.

3.5 oz $150


Non-Aluminum Antiperspirant |
Antibacterial | Antifungal

Full Strength and Safe! This formula has been found to be a safe and effective long term antiperspirant.

Directions: Spray onto desired area once a week. Lasts up to three days. Activation takes eight hours. Do not wash off during activation period. For increased effectiveness apply multiple times per week.

2 oz $100


A non-greasy, aloe-based spray designed for climbers with overly dry hands who tend to glass or dry-fire off holds. It’s also very effective for winter climbing when the hands are especially dry. Skin Spit hydrates the skin to make it more pliable, durable, and flexible preventing splits, cracks, and glassy skin.

Directions:  Apply minutes before climbing

Coming soon


Designed to heal splits and cracks in the skin. Its beeswax base is enriched with vitamin E, honey, arnica, and tea tree oil to disinfect and speed up recovery of any skin injuries. A great addition to any post-climb skin recovery routine.

Directions: Apply after proper care to wound as a post treatment. 

0.17 oz $35

Tip Juice

Extra Strength Antiperspirant

Maximum Strength skin toughener* for very sweaty fingertips. Tip juice is designed for once a week application to decrease sweating and increase crimping durability.

Directions: Use the brush on applicator to apply product to finger pads.

Bottle $100


Rhino Recover is an all-natural recovery cream that gives a warming, healing massage to sore muscles and joints. It’s made from whole flowers and essential oils to repair your muscles and joints naturally.

Directions: Apply where needed.

Coming soon


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No training set up is complete without this…. HongKongClimbing’s skin care regime!
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